Getting in the swing of things

This last week, I successfully got back in the saddle. I managed to actually get in five rides, two on Mickey and three on Pixie. That’s almost like a real rider! Now, I didn’t ride hard, there was no galloping down the line but I worked a lot of remedial stuff with Pixie which used more arm and leg muscle than simply riding along.

On Mickey, I pretty much just enjoyed the ride. Especially on the day of trail ride with Kona. We did not canter off into the sunset because I wanted to be sure my young dog stayed with us. While Mickey has had a relatively successful career as a jumper, he can do a smooth impression of a western pony as well.  He and I actually won  a trail class once at a Sienna Stable’s show.  Seriously-blue ribbon and the whole deal.  Anyway, we jogged along (Mickey actually, not me) over a few miles of hay road with Kona keeping pace.  I was walking a little more carefully the next morning, so know I used muscles I had not tapped in a while.

Although, I haven’t mentioned it much here, I was a competitive swimmer starting about age six all the way through school. Swimming is one sport, with all my aches and pains, that allows me to get exercise without stressing my joints. In Maui, I got in the pool and ocean and floated around some. One afternoon, we got a little competitive but my shoulder was not up for an all out swim relay.  Shoulder excuse aside, Blake and Amber were swimming well enough that I do not know if I could have beat them if I was 100%.  Now, that was depressing.  I used to always win at swim races.

I went to the pool today and did lap swim.  The doctor has released me to swim but the full rotation of freestyle is not to be yet.  I did okay with breast and backstroke though.  I did about 25 minutes which I felt was a good start.

One of my favorite bloggers reported he has lost 20 pounds.  Gee, maybe if I keep riding and swimming and not go get Dairy Queen ice cream each evening with Lauren, I might actually drop some pounds as well.  In the meantime, it is terrific to be feeling well enough to get back to the things I enjoy.  It is great to be back in the swing of things again!

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