New adventures – Kona hits the trails

Looking out from my saddle through Mickey’s ears to see Kona on his first trail ride.

I have been left to my own devices this weekend. There has been a lot of activity at the farm on the weekends for almost a month now. First, we had a horse show, then the tragic weekend of baling hay and Ally’s broken arm, then off to Maui. Lauren headed out with Blake to go ‘mudding’ which I believe involves ATVs, alcohol and mud.

I had plenty to do. Scores of wash to catch up on, barn chores, gardening, house work, and a long visit with my mom were all on the list. Momma looked great with the new shirt I brought her from Hawaii along with earrings and a necklace! She even commented on how peaceful the place was which I do not think she has ever said. Upon Lauren’s recommendation, I had gotten her a caramel frappuccino from McDonalds and she was in heaven.


After a much needed trip to Wal-Mart where almost $300 immediately slipped through my fingers re-filling the frig, the dog/cat food containers, water and other ‘gee, it’s crazy hot’ items, I finally had a few minutes for me. I wished I had someone to ride with-we had planned to take Bruno and Pixie to Caroline’s tonight before Lauren ditched me. I love to trail ride. Lauren loves the arena. So, today after over ten weeks absence, I decided to head out to the wide, open spaces behind my little farm. Ideally, one should not ride alone. Ideally, a lot of things should happen, but you deal with it.

For the first time as well, I decided to take poodle Kona as well. And what horse should ride? That took about one minute to decide. Mickey, of course, the only one I really trust out. I had on my usual shorts, tee shirt, boots and as a nod to safety (and Diane Wilson) my helmet.

Kona was a little unsure at first. ‘Really, you want me to run behind that mean horse?’ ‘Yes, Kona, come on!’. Mickey can be a kicker, but thankfully Kona was wise enough to stay out of his reach. It has been since riding in Florida with my wolfhound and Tippy that my dogs and horses have gotten along for trail rides. Pretty cool for me!

Kona with my barn and homestead across the sea of green.

It wasn’t a long ride, but it was a great ride! It was also my fourth ride of the week which is pretty exciting as well. I am getting stronger, leaner ( when it is blow torch hot, you get lean fast ), and I am eyeing the big Bruno guy. Wonder what it would feel like to ride him? Lauren should not leave me alone, just saying….

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