Getting lost in the translation- My new favorite ad!

I am now a little obsessed with the horse ads in our local paper.  I just read the title, the price and then click on any that might be a little strange.  I saw this title:

4th of a mile horse young stud WITH PAPERS

And had to read the full ad-who quickly gets what kind of horse this is?  Who along with me, does not wonder how this was communicated from Spanish to English for the ad.  Did the owner explain this horse was bred to run short distances faster than any other horse alive?  And then was it explained that the horses ran just 1/4 of mile in their race?  Then was this new name designed by the young helper who admits upfront that he does not know horses?  This is an ad for American Quarter Horse.  I guess it could be worse-the translation could have been “One quarter of a horse for sale!”

Actual Ad

4th of a mile horse young stud WITH PAPERS 1yr 8 months – $3000

image 1image 2
My boss is selling his horse. He only knows Spanish so im having to translate this and I don’t know much about horses. Its  1 year and 8 months 4th of a mile male stud with papers. He is selling him only because he no longer has time to take care of him since work picked up my name is Christian give me a call for more information.   



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