Happy Monday Lauren!

Just a sample of Mickey's numerous injuries.

Just a sample of Mickey’s numerous injuries.

Monday started off early (it was not bright as it was still dark and would be for about three more hours).  Megan needed to be at the airport before 6:00 am. She and I left the house about 4:30 or so.  Meanwhile, Lauren had agreed to feed the horses in my absence-except she would get to go back to bed!

Feather and Mickey have been spending nights out in the pasture as the weather has warmed up.  I have been pasturing horses out at night for over five years, weather permitting.  Feather was waiting at the gate but Mickey was tucked deep in the run-in shed.  Mickey’s number one favorite thing in the whole world is food.  If he is not up for breakfast, something is wrong.

Lauren got Mickey up to the barn.  At first, she thought he had somehow gotten tangled up in the fence.  His nose was bleeding and he had scratches down his side.  But examination of the fence ruled out any problems.  When the sun came up a few hours later, Lauren realized she was looking at bites.  Mickey had animal bites on  his nose and his legs. He had deep puncture wounds up his inner thigh and into his groin area.  His back legs were stocking up rapidly. The scratches looked like something with big claws had raked its way down his sides.  He was moving like an old man.

This is all puzzling as it would be unusual behavior for dogs or coyotes to attack a strong, big, male horse.  Feather did not have a scratch on her.  I don’t know if a pack confronted them last night and Mickey stood up for Feather or what happened.  Occasionally, this part of Texas gets a bobcat.  But seldom do bobcats even attack goats or sheep, so going after a horse would be very unusual. Talking with the vet, they tell me they have seen both bobcats and mountain lions get pushed by civilization into this area of Texas.  I can’t believe that. I do not think I have a big cat preying on my horses.   But I have seen Mickey so I am going with he was attacked by a wildebeest.  Seems as possible as anything.  He will be a long time healing and infection will be an issue.  We got him started on antibiotics, gave him a tetanus and rabies shot.  We are giving him something for pain.

Biggest concern is what caused this and will it happen again.  Obviously, the horses will not go out tonight but what will we do after Mickey heals and the summer nights are upon us?  My neighbor is armed with his rifle.  I hope we get some answers.

Both Kona (the poodle) and Gia (the Yorkie) had belly aches and were off to the vet Monday morning.  Turns out for Kona at least, he had ingested too much arena sand playing ball with Jordyn and I this weekend. It is like a sand colic for a dog.  The vet wanted to know if he had been to the beach.  No, just playing ball in the arena.  Every time the wet ball drops to the sand and Kona picks it up, he swallows sand as well.

Lauren also finally caught the orange cat, JP, who has been limping around on three paws for some time but has eluded capture.  Mickey needed to join this trip to vet as well, but that would leave Feather by herself at the barn (she can’t see Bruno) and we knew that would not be a good plan.

Lauren got to school late after dropping the three animals off at the vet and found out she was considered absent.  Her professor told her she would have to drop the course for having three absences.  Is this college or what?  It was not going well for Lauren.

Back home, Lauren changed Bruno’s bandage and Mr. Kid took that opportunity to roll in the warm sand.  But he didn’t get back up.  Lauren waited and Kid stayed, stock still on his side.  Based upon her day so far, she figured Kid had finally died.  By the time, Lauren got to him with a halter, he hopped up and headed over to stand by Bruno’s stall like nothing had happened.  I think it was “animal be mean” to Lauren day.

By early afternoon, she was back at the vet to pick up Kona and Gia who were over their stomach ailments.  JP, apparently had been bitten by a snake or another cat, and they had to surgically doctor his leg, as long as he was under he was neutered as well.  No wonder he has been avoiding the trip to the vet.

She brought home lots of shots, ointments and antibiotics for Mickey and got him as comfortable as possible.  I went off with Kona to my first obedience class at J-Canine in Rosenberg.  I have known the owner, Joni, for years, in fact did training with her with my Doberman before.  As I walked in, she asked, why the standard poodle?  I knew she was a huge Doberman fan (as am I) and I was prepared to defend my poodle.  But she simply said, “I’ve always wanted one!”.

Lauren got Bruno out for a walk while I was gone (probably not safe) especially with how our day has gone, but Bruno did not rear or run, just stood by her side in early evening light.  Happy Monday, Lauren!  You made it!

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday Lauren!

  1. Now, I would not have settled for a mere “attack by a wildebeest” story. I’d go with Mickey being attacked by a gang of rogue quail ;o) Seriously, hope all continues well for Mickey. As for Lauren’s professor, a pox on him and his gradebook. What a maroon.

    I spent last Saturday afternoon walking my 19 y.o. OTTB in circles, waiting for the vet to call. “Huey” is ncreasingly sensitive to weather–a year ago January he had impaction colic. My vet says this occurs OFTEN when there is more than 40 degrees difference between high and low temps during a 24-hour period. I was instructed then to give electrolytes daily to encourage drinking.

    Doing that. But another bout Saturday has now changed my routine, per the vet, to adding a cup of mineral oil to Huey’s goody bucket or drizzling it on his hay 3x a week or so when the weather is wonky. We’ve had a string of 70-degree days and then snow, so yes, there has been a 40-degree (plus) difference. Hang in there!

    • I hate when you get a horse that is a ‘regular” colicker. It is oppressive-becasue you know the chance is always just lurking out there waiting for another attack. My vet recommended using the Morton’s Lite Salt on their food to encourage drinking. Something about it having less potossium than the regular salt. Hope the weather stabilizes soon and your guy stays strong!

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