Unveiling Bruno’s hoof-A Bruno Story

As Bruno's hoof was being stitched on Monday.

As Bruno’s hoof was being stitched on Monday.

Maybe one day you will be able to read this blog without pictures of bloody hooves.  I truly hope that comes to pass.  For now, it is our subject matter.  The picture above was the last I saw of Bruno’s hoof before it was bandaged at the vet.

We had instructions to unbandage it today and we also needed to re-bandage his ‘bad’ hoof.  Equipped with new, sharper bandage scissors, Lauren tied up Bruno and got ready to see how the hoof was doing.  It was obvious from watching Bru in the stall that the foot hurt.  He was favoring it.  The minute Lauren got close to it, Bruno would swing the hoof up and away.  Horse’s back feet are dangerous under good circumstances, hurting hooves should be avoided.  So, I picked up his front hoof with the theory being, with one hoof up, Bruno would be hard-pressed to kick out with his other foot. 

It worked pretty well.  We took it slow.  Lauren cutting through the layers of bandage.  Finally, it was ready for the unveiling. It looked way better than when I saw it last!  The stitches were holding the wound together well.  It looked clean and was not draining.  However, you can see from the picture (yes another hoof picture-but not really bloody)  the side that is cut is swollen to three times the size of other side of the hoof.

Looking so much better!

Looking so much better!

Okay, so maybe it still is horribly deformed but way better than shooting blood.  Then Lauren unwrapped his ‘bad’ hoof.  I was afraid it had gotten wet with blood or liquids during the whole Bruno-tries-to-bleed-to-death ordeal but we took off the surgical plate covering the hoof and it looked to be overall-dry.  In fact, it looked like more, strong healthy hoof had grown since I had seen it last.  The hole continues to close.  It still has a way to go on the side but it is growing down.  We will see what the A&M vets think on Monday.  Of course, first we will have to explain why the horse they fixed is now seriously lame on another foot.  Not sure how they will handle that!

Bruno's hoof oon Dec. 31st

Bruno’s hoof on Dec. 31st-note the gap (space) between hoof and shoe

Bruno's hoof today day 77 after surgery.

Bruno’s hoof today day 77 after surgery.

At least this is definitely a positive!  Yay, Bruno (and thanks to Lauren for all her hard work keeping him clean, doctored, and well).

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