Poodle Creds

Kona loves to retrieve anything you throw.

Kona loves to retrieve anything you throw.

I have been enjoying my new poodle, Kona, although I am still a little hesitant to tell people that I bought a poodle.  I hang out with horse people for the most part and they are pretty specific with the types of dogs they like-number one, no doubt being the Welsh Corgi and number two-the Jack Russell Terrier.  I own a Corgi (Lauren’s dog) and she is fine but wow, the hair generated by one Corgi could clothe a small African village for a year.  I have owned Jack Russells, a couple times.  I will not own them again.  They generate just a little too much excitement for my household.  Breeds that are seen frequently with horse owners include the Aussies, the cattle dogs and the lab/retriever family.  Other dogs like the Shepherd, Pitbull and Doberman are fairly well-respected, because honestly who doesn’t respect them.  Maybe you don’t want to own them, but you respect them.  But a big, curly Poodle, is pretty much a just a fancy dog, not good for much else.

Television in America has changed and one of the fastest growing shows is a reality show called “Duck Dynasty“.   I have not watched it but my daughters do and apparently a lot of the TV viewing population.  It is about a family that has made a fortune making duck calls.  The family men all have long beards and like to hunt.  The women are pretty.  To me it is a lot like visiting any of my Texas neighbors only with more money and more witty things to say.

Recently,  the men of the show, Willie, Jase, Si and Phil demonstrated how the traditions and rules of the hunt can be broken.  Si, one of the elders of the Dynasty family, showed up to hunt with a standard poodle.  Of course he was laughed at and ridiculed about how poodles were for royalty.  Si replied, “well, just call me Prince.”

Si with his hunting poodle.

Si with his hunting poodle.

And of course, the poodle went on to out hunt the hunting dogs.  By the end of the show, everyone was exclaiming over how smart poodles were.

Now, I do not care about the show one way or another.  But this episode will go miles toward improving my poodle’s credentials in my little town and I appreciate that!

My Kona and I will start obedience classes next Monday night.  We will just see how my dog stacks up against who ever else shows up.  In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy his inquisitiveness, his intelligence and his love.  Granny is having a good time with her new dog!

p.s. Bruno was up this morning neighing loudly for his breakfast.  Lauren reported at noon that he seemed no worse for his awful day yesterday.  I am not sure how Dr. Marsh at TAMU will assess his lameness with two feet sore instead of one but we have a few days to heal before that happens.

2 thoughts on “Poodle Creds

  1. Be prepared to have Kona SHINE at the obedience class. My golden poo (golden doodle, as a designer breed, but she came before the designer tag) knew the names of her toys and would pick them out as I asked for specific ones–her “squeaker,” her “yellow ball,” her Kong. I’d ask her to find the lizards when we were outside, and she always looked up because they liked to hide in the eaves of the house. I envy you your Kona. And I agree about Jack Russels. They have names like Digger, Trouble, Bandit — that tells me something about their need for a job to do ;o)

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