June’s Poem

June-one of mom's dear friends back in Denver

June-one of mom’s dear friends back in Denver

June and her daughter, Debbie, frequently took my mother to events while she still lived in Denver.  In the fall she could not leave for Tucson until she went with them to Lyric Opera.  Mom enjoyed many church related activities with the two as well.  I felt lucky because first June, then later, Debbie was always willing to come pick up mom so she could go along to these activities she enjoyed so much.  I received an email of June’s latest poem and thought I would share it here.  June is as bright as the flowers she sits with above!

I'm very old_I'm 92
And many things I didn't do
But what I did_I'm sad to say
I can't remember anyway!
Old age is fun_you just sit down
And let the young ones run around,
They feed us well
we're fat and round,
and being old is
fun, I've found
So now my goal is one oh five
and I'll be glad I'm still alive
so write this down
for I'll forget
But lots of good
ain't happened yet.

Be Loveful :o)

5 thoughts on “June’s Poem

  1. Aunt Midge has mentioned June so many times in our telephone conversations. Didn’t she move to Denver from Tulsa? No wonder Aunt Midge loves her so! SHE’S A GREAT LADY!!

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