Reflections on Life

My Colorado Rockies beckon me  to share the glory of a summer on the ranch.

My Colorado Rockies beckon me to share the glory of a summer on the ranch.

Pretty impressive title, eh?  (I am practicing this for Lauren’s best friend who will join us from Canada soon.) It won’t be that serious. I have just been in the mood (a little melancholy) and been reflecting on life.  I am nearing my birthday.  It is not a big birthday (like a 50th or 60th) just an in-between birthday, but I think it still makes me stop and consider my past and my future.

What are the things I know for sure?  What are the things I still want to do?  Well, here is my list:

I know that family tops all.  While marriage was not a big success for me, my three wonderful daughters are- so nothing unsuccessful about that! My mother and all the rest of my extended family, make my life worth living.

I know I want to share more with my family of the things that meant so much to me when I was growing up.  My father was with United Airlines, so we traveled a lot.  It has been my dream for so many years to get back to Hawaii and share the islands with my girls.  We will get there together this summer.

The ranch in Colorado still beacons and maybe one day, the whole family can get away to my favorite mountains, ride horses down the trails I rode as a kid and see what life on a ranch is all about.  It is on my list.

I want to breed a mare to chosen stallion and see that baby foal be born on my property.  Lauren is not interested in this plan so  I don’t know if it will come to pass, but it has always been a dream of mine.

I want to go to Ireland.  My friend Kathy and I talked of taking our daughters and doing the horse back riding tour from one castle to the next.  Maybe I am too old and broken to make that one come true but I have not totally given up on it.

I want to see my children follow their dreams.  I hope they get the education opportunities that I did and chase what makes them happy.

And I can’t wait to see how these grandchildren continue to grow and bloom.  Each one is a unique individual.  I pray I am around long enough to see them grow up.

My friends, from so many different backgrounds, ages, life styles and worlds, support my soul and I am thankful.

Finally, I would say I am grateful for the opportunity to have my little farm, my horses, dogs and cats.  I am grateful Lauren has chosen to stay with me for a few years and build on to our little kingdom.

Bucket list, dreams of the future, thoughts to carry you through a long drive home, whatever you call them, these are mine.

p.s. Now I have a super intent black poodle interrupting me every ten seconds while I write so I can throw his ball…again.  Another one of those dreams coming true.

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