Have Your Picture taken with the Giant Horse!-A Bruno Story

Lauren had new stock panels delivered this week.  We are hoping that we get the okay tomorrow at A&M to allow Bruno to go out in a confined area.  Also, Mr. Kid, Bruno’s babysitter has been sneaking off behind the barn to eat the fresh spring grass that is growing there. We thought it best to fence in the paddock.

The guys from the feedstore showed up with the six-foot high panels and proceeded to put them up for us.  Lauren and I had stressed over who was going to help us with those.  Dillion and Eric just hauled them out of the truck and proceeded to configure the panels.  What did they want in return?  Well, beer probably would have been a choice but all I had was Jim’s Blue Moon beer and that was not to a small town Texas man’s liking.  Instead, they wanted to go in and take pictures with Bruno. 


Jordyn on Feather and Mackenzie on Mick.

Jordyn on Feather and Mackenzie on Mick.

Saturday a friend from work came with her daughter.  She is a little older than Jordyn but had never ridden before at all.  She and Jordyn had a great time with Mickey and Feather. But before they left they went to Bruno’s stall to get pictures with the “giant horse”.

And so the weekend went.  Roland, our farrier, came to do the horse’s feet (he did not want a picture with Bruno but did look at his hoof and said he thought it was doing well).  Ally and Luke came back with the kids and some family friends.  Roland had quite a time shoeing while visitors tramped in and out of the barnyard headed to… you guessed it… Bruno’s stall.  I think I could start charging admission to see the giant horse and make a respectable second income. 

This morning Amy and her daughter Meagen came to get hay.  But first they, too,  had to take pictures with the big horse.

Meagen and the giant horse.  Is that anything like James and the giant peach?

Meagen and the giant horse. Is that anything like James and the giant peach?

Meagen also rode Mimi for us.  Mimi is for sale and we wanted to see how she would do with a non-adult rider.  She was great.  I think she is turning into a special little pony. 

The giant horse returns to Texas A&M for his first follow-up visit since his dismissal from the hospital.  He will get new shoes (which will cost way more than any shoes I will buy this year) and have his progress evaluated by Dr. Marsh.  We think we will get praise for our care of the big guy and are hoping for a confirmation that the hoof is growing healthy and strong. 

We have new tires on the trailer, Bruno has his foot bandaged in maroon and we should be good to go on the road to A&M.

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