Have you seen Jesus, my Lord?

This morning with the pre-dawn full moon light shifting through the scattered clouds, I walked out the back door with Lula, PuppyGirl and Muffy scampering out from under my feet.  We had left Mickey, Feather and Mimi out in the pasture over night as the weather was warm and the breeze tender.  Directly out from the back yard, laying in a perfect circle of horse (and pony) bodies were all three animals.

The vision of moon shining through the clouds upon them as lay quietly in rest was amazing.  They were head to tail spaced out in their little circle as if they had fallen asleep telling ghost stories over the camp fire.

It brought to mind an old Young Life Christian song, that goes something like this:

Have you seen Jesus, my Lord?                                               He’s here in plain view                                                                Take a look, open your eyes                                                      He’s waiting for you

There are moments in our life that God surrounds us but we must be watching and willing to accept his presence.

As George Strait said, “I saw God today”.  And I am thankful.

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