Sun Break

Beautiful sunset as the weather finally breaks over the farm.

Beautiful sunset as the weather finally breaks over the farm.

Lauren worked hard today.  It was the first day in ages when  it was not rainy, cold and miserable.  I think the break in the weather is just inspirational to wanting to get chores done and things swept clean.  After weeks of mud, rain-soaked fields and days in their stalls, it was great to just send the horses out to play.  They ran, stomped, bucked and played.  Bruno, of course, only got to watch from his stall but I think he was happy to get the blankets off his back, feel the sun on his face and roll in clean shavings.

Lauren cleaned out tired stalls and refreshed the bedding.  Then when the horses came in, everyone had their whiskers, ears and bridle paths trimmed.  I was actually shocked to see Feather had gone along with the ear trimming.  There was a time (pre-Sarah training) when just turning the clippers on in Feather’s stall led to a totally freaked out horse.  She has learned a lot.

Feather got ridden today as well.  Again, for the first time in weeks.  Lauren said she was working well and no worse for the time off.  It will be time to start showing for the 2013 season soon and we must get her on some regular work patterns.

Pony Mimi got her hair done today.  She looked precious with her ears clipped and pretty face peeking over the stall when I got home tonight.

Bruno got trimmed up as well and I have not seen him with his face clipped and show ready. What a handsome guy! Of course, he is not going to a show but we wanted him to feel like he was part of the show team.

Even Mr. Kid’s chestnut coat was gleaming in the evening sun tonight.  Spending time sequestered with Bruno has given Kid time to eat more and rest more. He will have his 31st birthday soon and deserves a little peace.   He doesn’t have to be ever vigilant that one of the other horses is going to kick him or chase him.

I hope the sun is here to stay for at least a few days.  It sure was a nice change.

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