Rain, Rain go away

Our last nice day was December 22nd. We spent that day riding with friends and enjoying the great south Texas weather. The holidays and rain followed. Then last week more and more rain fell. We have had rain each day since the deluge last Tuesday.  I still have standing water in my yard and arena.  Thankfully, Bruno has not needed to be out of his stall.  He is scheduled to go back to Texas A&M on January 28th.  Right now, I could not get him in the trailer to go there.

All horse training has stopped.  Hopefully, when the sun shines once again we can take up where we left off.  Probably, we will take some steps backward before moving on.

In the meantime, it is cold and wet.  Last night, with the furnace going full blast we could not push past 63 degrees in the house.  My little house is not built to withstand the cold.

And no more talk about the Texans (at least not until next year).  They just were not good enough to continue on.

When I visited my mom yesterday she tearfully sat me down.  She told me she had come to a difficult decision.  After a lot of contemplation, she decided it was time to move to Texas with me.  I wish I knew if I should just go along with her and say, yes momma, that is a good idea or if I should tell her she is already there.  I look at her and see so much of myself in her.  I wonder if I will find myself confused, lonely and seemingly abandoned in a nursing home in my future.  I guarantee she never thought she would end up there.

I know brighter days are ahead.  There is a sun icon on our weather channel report for the next ten days.  Maybe some new warmth headed our way.

In the meantime, we should all take a nap like Puppy Girl.

oh, Puppy Girl!

oh, Puppy Girl!

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain go away

  1. I wish you could send some of that rain about 500 miles north. We desperately need a lot of rain.
    I recommend you simply “go along” with your mom when possible. I have absolutely no formal or informal training in the area and don’t remember the last time I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express; however I was close to a similar situation about ten or twelve years ago. Your cousin found that approach worked best for her and her mom. I know it is difficult and there are no easy answers, you are in my prayers.

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