The Wait is On-Mickey Returns to the Vet

Still praying for Mickey and Lauren returning to the ring. Still…

Tomorrow we pull out bright and early, to take Mickey for his return laryngoscope.  I don’t expect any real change, but would like to be surprised. Based upon his cough, I do not expect to be.  Dr. Criner also suggested the testing of another disease that could be causing these same problems so we won’t have all the answers tomorrow.

I sent about 25 strands of Mickey’s tail with the hair follicle overnight mail to the University of California.  They will be testing for a genetically inherited disease.  While not good news, if Mickey is positive for this, it will give us something to work with and perhaps get Mickey back in the show ring.  I will update tomorrow with results from the scope and later in the week as the genetic testing is concluded.

I took Mickey for a ride yesterday.  It was overcast and pretty dismal.  Lauren was at the boyfriend’s.  But it lifted my spirits to just be out on the back of this horse.  Feather and Mimi tried to follow along with us.  They got caught at the first fence and it took some work for them to figure out to go back to the barn and around to the pasture.  When they did, Feather came blasting out to find Mickey, full throttle.  I did not realize the mare had so much speed.  The poor little pony, Mimi,  was chugging faithfully along behind, not beginning to keep up but churning her short legs as fast as she could.  As Mickey and I disappeared from sight, the two girls ran back to the barn to see if he had magically appeared there.  When we came around the bend again, out to the back pasture they raced.  We played this fun game two or three times.  We would walk along the hay road and the girls would race to the barn and back.  Probably if we play the game again, I should put some splint boots on the girls to support their legs with the running.  Mickey just did some trotting and cantering but the girls got full cardio-vascular workouts.  I don’t understand why it takes Lauren so long to work the horses.  I managed to work all three of them, pretty hard in 45 minutes. 

I got Mick back to the barn, hosed down the girls, prepared their dinners and headed in a happier person.  Oh, what about Mr. Kid, you ask, well he just stood at the barn and watched the silly girls running up and down pasture.  He thought it was pretty dumb.

In mom news-I got her to let me call Jim yesterday.  They talked to each other for the first time since she left Denver at the end of August. Neither one could hear very well and were talking over each other but mom’s face lit up when Jim told her he loved her and missed her.  Hopefully, this will be a start of them talking to each other again.  It did my heart good to see her smile.

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