Another Day

Sun with its peaceful, shimmering rays-after the storm

What’s going on?  Well, here are some updates-

We took momma out to dinner with Lauren, Ally, Jordyn and baby Kendyll.  I think the industrialized food is getting to her because she thought Texas Roadhouse had the best steak she had ever eaten (and she has eaten some good steaks).  She was so happy to be out with the family and enjoy some time away from her place.  She had her nails painted a bright fuchsia and seemed a little more relaxed.  Jim has written her a couple of letters and she looks forward to me reading them to her.  When I talked to Jim on the phone yesterday he said that he and his son Jay would be coming to Texas in the next month or so.  For the first time, she agreed that would be nice and especially can’t wait to see Jay.

Ally and Lauren are both a little overwhelmed with their school classes.  Finally, got a little difficult for them.  I think they had been coasting along pretty well so far.  It is good to see them challenged.

Rain finally broke over our little farm and brought some much-needed moisture to our pastures.  Mickey seems to be breathing a  little better in the aftermath of the storm.  The rain knocked the dust down and the wind blew the humidity out so it was a pretty pleasant evening.  Roland had come the night before and we were anticipating problems with little Mimi.  Caroline had told me she was fine for her farrier but I was reluctant to believe it.  We had Roland a little amped up, telling him the pony had broken a rib with the other farrier, and overall was a little loco.  Mimi came out of her stall, sized up the situation and stood still for her pedicure.  We kept telling Roland that the next foot would be the bad one, so he kept bracing for the worst.  Never happened.  She was great.

I think Lauren is falling a little in love with the pony.  Not really what I had in mind.  I want to train the pony and sell the pony.  I do not want Lauren emotionally involved.  Oh, well as we know God has plans we do not see.

Jordyn is coming tonight and will try inaugural ride (or flight) on the pony.  She will be geared up with helmet and saddle.  I think Mimi will do just fine-but I will never be more than a few steps away, just in case.

This weekend will be quiet, more rain is expected, and that is fine.  It should give all of us a chance to slow down a little bit and relax.  No horse shows for us for the next few weeks.  Caitlyn is off to St. Louis to ride the Maclay Regional Finals.  Sending out positive vibes for her and Ky. 

Mickey sees the vet on Tuesday.  We are dreading it. He just does not seem to be any better. 

Thanks for riding along and keep us in your prayers!

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