Press Release-from Mister Snow Boy

Snow is asking for your attention!

Phelps-Media reports:

Spokesperson for Mister Snow Boy report there is no truth to the rumor that he will be leaving Devereaux Sport Horses to return to Six Meadow Farm any time in the near future.  Those rumors of his imminent departure were found to be groundless.  At this time Mister Snow’s (or is it Mister Boy’s?) contract has been extended and there is no relocation/retirement date at this time.

While Mister Snow does feel an obligation to Miss Jordyn it appears that she will be working with a Mister Mickey in the interim.  Therefore, any fans from Freeman Ranch should be assured that Snow will continue to grace the pastures at that location.  However, Mister Snow does request that continued contributions of carrots, treats, red licorice and apples are always appreciated.  He did mention that he might be able to use a new leadrope if anyone had one.  Mister Snow continues with his claim that purple is his favorite color.

Thank you.

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