Life Goes On

Jordyn came for her weekly visit and she asked to do something she had never asked to do before-ride bareback.  I am not sure where this desire came from-obviously, my bareback days are long past and Lauren is not much of a bareback rider.  As far as I know, Feather has never been ridden bareback.  But Jordyn was determined to give it a go.

Earlier in the week, Ally had called to tell me that Jordyn wanted to sign up to do “Mutton Busting” at the upcoming Fort Bend County Fair.  For those of you not from Texas (or familiar with county fair rituals) mutton busting consists of a young child being placed on the back of a reluctant (and extremely frightened) sheep.  Then the sheep takes off running and which ever child stays on the sheep the longest wins.  What a great time!  From my perspective as an animal advocate, and my perspective of a grandmother who does not want their grandchild to have broken bones, actually nothing about this seems like a good idea.  Sheep are stereotyped as animals that move collectively as group, rarely thinking for themselves, afraid to be out of the herd.  Stereotypes are often true. 

A sheep would be terrified to be alone in the center of an arena with a foreign object pouncing on their back (they probably would think they have just been attacked by a wolf).  And a whole lot of things could go wrong from the child’s point as well.  But, alas this is what sells as entertainment in Texas and Jordyn wants to do it.

Jordyn’s plan is to ride Mickey and get comfortable with that.  I suggested she jump on the back of the Corgi but she countered that she thought Kena, the Doberman, would be a better choice.  Well, we have about a month to practice so I will have the camera on ready and we should have some wild times.

Both of them looking a little goofy!

I thought Jo would back out when we actually got Mickey bridled and ready to go, but she was ready.  She actually did fine.  She rode around by herself for a while and Lauren led them over a small jump.  It was all pretty exciting.  I do not remember riding bareback at age four so I was pretty impressed.  I would say that Mickey was pretty quiet and did not act like a crazy, frightened sheep but at least it is a start.

My eight week grand baby Kendyll, while hanging out in her Granny-nanny’s (that means great-grandma) room today-smiled at me!  We were making my mom’s bed and hanging up clothes.  Kendyll was just taking it all in.  What a sweet girl!

Mom has gotten increasing confused as the move date is almost upon us.  She is pretty much refusing to have anything to do with Jim which is sad because they will be apart soon enough.  She is angry about his refusal to live with her (although she doesn’t understand his reasoning) and is hell-bent on not forgiving him.  I wish I could do something to change this.  They have been together for 15 years and I know they both love one another.  She even refused to go to dinner with him and his family.  I guess I have to let it go, as I cannot rationalize with her.  Still, Jim and his family has truly been her family as well and I hate to see this end this way.

I heard Amber and family were out at the dog pound today.  They have been looking at some Irish Wolfhound pups (OMG-so cute!) as well but we will see what happens.

Lauren is off to Blake’s tonight.  Lauren and Ally are back fulltime to college on Monday and Jordyn starts kindergarten.  Life goes on.

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