Mickey and his Lady Love

Did I mention how yesterday when we approaching the farm with Feather in the trailer, I put down my window so I could listen for Mickey?  Lauren honked the horn, his head came up in the pasture and he hightailed it to the front of the barn, all the while trumpeting for his Feather!  She was responding back to him from the trailer but without his extreme level of glee. 

As we got her unloaded, he paced like a stallion along the fenceline, strutting his stuff for his long-lost love (okay, its been two weeks!).  When Lauren walked Feather through the pasture gate, Mickey actually reared to his full height, no doubt in some manly attempt to impress her.  Feather just kept walking calmly along.  She was happy to be home, I am sure, but not crazy ecstatic like he was.  She trotted boldly out to the pasture and he romped right alongside.  I guess there is always one that loves more in any relationship and in this case it is clearly Mick.

When it came time to put them in their stalls for the night, Feather was a little confused.  Mickey had been moved to Leo’s old stall and she was looking for the big gelding.  Wary, because he always tried to bite at her when she entered her stall.  But instead it was just Mickey and if he could have been smiling, he would.

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