Feather and Lauren on the cross-country loop (no more corn!)

Lauren and I took Feather and Mickey, respectively, out to do the five-mile loop today.  It was post rain shower and more humid (if that is possible) than normal.  And it was hot.  We started with a little trot to see how Mickey was doing today.  He did his now-normal three hard coughs and that was it.  I don’t want to be too optimistic but I think he is doing pretty well!  We continued around doing some fast trots, really asking the horses to extend and some walking.  It was nice as always to be out. 

As we finished up the loop and headed home, I noticed that Feather was actually breathing harder and sweating more than Mickey was.  What that tells me is that Mickey is really doing okay.  And Feather needs way more conditioning work to get her ramped up for the fall show season.  We can continue to work Mickey and maybe extend his workouts as long as he continues to do well.  Feather needs to do the horse equivalent of some wind-sprints and distance work.

BrownDog is better today with her foot noticeably less swollen.  Richie and Linda stopped by the house and she was happy to see her visitors!

I hear Mariah and Snow had great show weekends as well.  Thanks for continuing to ride along.

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