Big Birthdays Celebrations

Money, Religion or Alcohol-Lexi Choses

Sometime between when Lauren was a baby 19 years ago and now, first birthday parties took on a whole new dimension.  From my own family to co-workers and glimpses on Facebook, first birthday parties are quite the event.

I had gone to Denver with Lauren, Ally and her girls to work on getting my mother’s things organized and to attend the birthday party of my Denver grandchildren, Riley-turning three and Lexi turning one.  I had not attended the Denver parties in the past and Jordyn’s party was pretty much just family and close friends.

I was surprised to learn 40 people were invited.  I was impressed at how my daughter’s had organized the food and activities. Ryan had worked hard to set up the new play area and make the sprawling back yard look great.

I think everyone enjoyed the party and I am also sure there were at least 40 people who actually attended.  Probably my favorite moment of day was when one-year old Lexi was placed in her high chair.  Amber explained the Wisniewski tradition that was meant to determine a child’s path in life.  On Lexi’s high chair tray was placed three objects;  a silver dollar, a shot glass and a rosary.  Immediately after they are set down, the child picks one object and this is supposed to dictate their interest in life.  Apparently, although I was not there to see it, Riley, at one, had picked the rosary. He is to follow a spiritual path.

Amber presented Lexi with the coin, the shot glass and cross.  Lexi, quickly and single-mindedly chose the silver dollar.  Well, I cannot fault her judgement.  After picking the silver dollar she quickly tried to place it in the shot glass.  I did not want to be the one interpreting the meaning of that but it does provide several interesting scenarios

  • A bar maid paid for the drinks?
  • She will put all her money into alcohol?
  • She thought it was the newest puzzle presented by her parents?
  • She just liked shiny things and was attracted by the silver and the glass?

Whatever, it was a fun and interactive game with the birthday girl.  Whatever has changed to make these baby’s birthdays such celebrations is great in my book.  I hope I get to be in Denver next year for the replay.

1 thought on “Big Birthdays Celebrations

  1. I enjoyed your blog. We had so wanted to attend but it just didn’t happen. I’m sending a pic to Amber showing Ryan choosing the coin too. Our other granddaughter, Libby, also chose the coin and immediately put it into the shot glass too. My records show that just Jeff & Riley chose the rosary. Ryan, Katie, Libby and Lexi took the money. Tyler, however, chose the shot glass – we’ve gotta keep an eye on that boy.
    We love them all!

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