Back in Texas

Mickey-photo courtesy of Linda Potter-Potter Photography

Lauren and I got home Sunday afternoon after a bittersweet visit to Denver.  I will go back in just a few weeks to bring my mother home.  I am always apprehensive when returning home.  We had heard little from Richard who was staying at our house but you never know what you will find.  One time we returned from a cruise to find our beloved Yorkshire Terrier had just up and died.  I actually think my house sitters were more horrified than we were.  Nothing like being entrusted to care for animals and having them die on your watch.

But we got home to an oddly quiet place.  It was hot so the cats were hidden away in their secret cat cool places.  The dogs, usually out of sorts when we return, were happy to see us but not in that crazy “I have been lacking attention” sort of way.  Just the normal, nice to see you greeting.  Muffy, our reluctant, shy dog who usually is stunted by a change in routine, was exceptionally well-balanced and social.  I can only attribute this to Richard spending great quality time with all of them.

The barn was quiet as well with only Kid and Mickey in residence.  Mickey was trying to make Kid go out to the pasture with him and Kid was having nothing to do with him.  Kid told Mickey that five years of bad behavior cannot be made up with a couple of days of being nice.  Mickey had been tormenting Kid since we moved to Wharton, but with all the other horses gone, he was lonely and looking for a pasture mate.  Kid stuck to his guns and stayed at the barn with Mickey going to the pasture alone.

On Sunday, we gave Mickey his second treatment of three designed to make him well again.  Monday Lauren rode him lightly.  She asked him for a walk and then did some trotting.  When Mickey only coughed a few times, they did a couple of times around the arena at a canter.  Mickey did not cough at the canter and did not seem to be having any breathing difficulties.  So, keep your fingers crossed that he does well with the continued treatment.  He gets his final shot in two weeks (day 21).  Then it will be “wait and see” until day 45 when he will be scoped again.  Lauren is already wanting to hatch a plan to show him in the Southwest Showdown on September 20th.  I think that is way too aggressive but we will see how he continues to do.

Dev tells us Feather, away for training with him,  is doing well.  She was a little nervous the first few days but now is jumping courses and working hard.  Lauren is concerned that Dev is not dressing her in pink, her favorite color, when he rides, but I cannot confirm or deny that at this juncture.  Lauren will travel to Dev’s tomorrow for a lesson on Feather and bring her to her first horse show on Friday-even if it is just to get the feel of the show environment.

I haven’t heard from Leo’s new family and would like to, but feel no news is good news.  I picture him standing regally in the pond (if you can stand regally in a pond) and hope he loves his new mare friend.

The status quo is always welcomed on our little farm.  Thank you to all of you who let us know you were touched and saddened by Miller’s passing.

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