Feather-Mickey and Moves

It was a busy weekend for us.  Starting off with the visit from friends Saturday morning we moved right on to a vet visit for Feather.  Lauren was against taking Feather to the vet.  She made a strong point in that she had to deal with Feather while I looked on, have to agree, it is easier to be me. 

We had Jordyn in the truck, the truck running and we were both stressed before we got Feather to the trailer.  And Feather no doubt picked up on our stress.  She wasn’t going in the trailer.  It got a little ugly-Lauren yelling at me, me yelling back, wasn’t a good time.  It came to the point where regardless of if we made it to the vet, we were going to be outside in the sun until this mare loaded.  I told Lauren to hang on.  I went to get her gloves and treats.  We started over (we all took a deep breath) and Feather walked in the trailer by herself.

We knew Feather would have to go in the exam room and into the stocks once we got to the vet and neither of us anticipated this would go too well. As far as I know she has never been in an air conditioned building. Fortunately, I had discussed this with the vet (Feather being a little loco) and she was on-hand to take Feather from the start.  First, she took her to the wash rack and got her cooled down and calm.  Then with Dr. Hildreth behind and Lauren guiding her, Feather took a couple of attempts but pretty quickly was in the stocks. 

The doctor did a fetal sonogram and Feather is not pregnant.  Dr. Hildreth said a lot of little girls wanted to be horse vets and this particular procedure changed a lot of their minds.  Not to go into detail but there is a lot of poop involved.  Jordyn insisted I hold her so she could see the poop come out of the horse.  She thought it was really cool.

After we finished we were there also to get Mickey’s medication.  I was given instructions and we gave Mick the first dose last night.  We will follow up with  a dose in seven days, then at 21 days.  Mickey seemed to tolerate the drug well and was not showing any side-effects at all by this morning.  Hopefully, he will be a trooper and get through this well. 

Also, thanks to my dear friends that have stepped up with offers of horses for Lauren to ride to finals as we wait for Mickey’s prognosis.  I think we will continue to keep our eye on finals with Mick and if we don’t make it, we will try again another year.  Your offers meant so much!

Yesterday, Blake, Lauren, Luke, Ally, Jordyn, baby Kendyll and I moved the big furniture into the nursing home.  It is going to look so nice.  Her mattress and box spring should be there today.  We all went to Sunday dinner as a family-something we do not do enough of and ran into our friends the Davangs.  So great to have them see the new baby, trade horse stories and fellowship.

Blake, Jordyn, Ally (with baby Kendyll) Luke and Lauren

I will get mom’s new address and phone number out soon.  Thanks, as always, for riding along!

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