My Momma-Somewhere Down in Texas

It is August now and less than one month until my mother leaves Colorado and comes to Texas.  Realistically, she may never return to her beloved mountains.  Travelling anywhere much beyond our county line will be limited by her condition and mental state.

I am very overwhelmed with the whole move.  I am buying new furniture, new sheets, towels, lamps, setting up cable and new phone service.  It is not unlike so many of you that have gotten your teenager off to college.  Except I am not really asking her opinion on anything-nor will I receive it.  I guess that would make it way different than the whole college dorm thing. I am sure teenagers are all about giving feedback on what they want-my daughter sure is. My mother loves pink so keeping things bright and colorful (and pink) are the first priority.

I will go out to see her next week.  Lauren and I will pack what she can do without for the next couple of weeks and get it sent back here.  Ally and her girls are coming along for the trip so it will be good to have my little family (mostly) in one spot.  Then at the end of the month, I will return, alone, to pack what is remaining.  The movers will come early on the morning of the 31st.  Any furniture will go to Amber’s (if she wants it or not).

I will help orchestrate the movers, keep mom calm, and get ready to go back to Texas the next day.  I suspect the night may be difficult for my mom.  She gets confused in a new place and Amber has a two-story.  I will sleep in the same room with her and get through the night together.  We have an early flight on Saturday.  The airport confusion should be a little challenging as well.  Once we get into Houston, then we have a 100 mile drive “home”.  I was freaking out last night that the assisted living facility would not have new patient admissions on the weekend.  An email to my new friend, Brooke, the administrator, assures me they will be waiting for her arrival and ready to help.

Life is funny.  Years ago, when my family made our home outside Chicago, I would have never dreamed my mom and I would end up in a little town of 5000 people in south Texas.  Certainly, this town has become home to Lauren and me.

As GeorgeStrait sang-

I’ll be somewhere down in Texas if you’re lookin’ for me,
Drinkin’ in that great wide-open… soakin’ up the summer breeze.
Kickin’ back an’ settled in with my family.
I’ll be somewhere down in Texas if you’re lookin’ for me.

I hope my mother, over time, becomes happy here as well.  Please continue your prayers; this is going to be a rough time for her as she makes this adjustment

5 thoughts on “My Momma-Somewhere Down in Texas

  1. Cindy, I will keep you all in my thoughts over the next few weeks. I know how hard this will be for you. Having your daughters with you should help a lot.

  2. Cindy,
    I understand completely what you are going thru. My grandmother came to live with me for almost 2 years, the several years later mom. Mom was probably the most difficult as it was like a small child and the whole mother daughter roles reverse. I also had to sleep with mom as we had stairs and I was concerned she would fall. I had to put a side rail on her side of the bed. You are very right about the confusion in changes in routine. Every minor change in routine was a a challenge. Keeping the faith, patience and love are the only way I got thru the days. My love and prayers are with you, I’ve been there so if you need a sounding board, I’m here.


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