Riley with sister Lexi

I am a grandmother again, four times now.  I have baby Kendyll and Jordyn from Ally and Luke.  I have Riley and Lexi from Amber and Ryan.  That’s a lot of blessings.  I don’t know when I will have them all together but hopefully this fall or on a family vacation next summer.

Lauren being the youngest of my girls, and the one without children, has become a better person from her time with her nieces and nephews.  While there certainly has been a reinforcement that baby planning is a necessity, it has also shown Lauren that she is good with kids and they are attracted to her.  Jordyn would rather be with Lauren than me, most of the time.  However, there comes a time in every visit when everyone gets tired and the prize for acting most like a two-year old is a tie between Jordyn and Lauren (okay, maybe Granny is a contender also). 

Riley, back in Denver is ever-increasing his vocabulary.  He told his dad the other night, “you not charge me, Mommy charge me”.  That was not met with a happy note from dad.  Amber had received new books in the mail from Riley’s other grandmother.  Amber told Riley that he had a surprise at home.  “Is it baby Kendyll?”  No, Amber told him.  “Are you getting me a baby brother?”  Definitely, no!  Sorry Riley just some books.

Amber and Ryan took both kids to the local water park.  It was really the first outing that Lexi at almost a year of age, could participate in and enjoy.  Amber said she absolutely squealed with delight as they rode the lazy river in an inner tube.  Very little is a good for the soul as a child’s boundless laughter.

After three days on Granny’s farm and before we returned Jordyn to her mother, we sent her in for a serious scrub down in the shower.  After getting her hair clean and conditioned we left her to play in the water with her toy horses.  She yelled out at us to ask if she could have some plastic cups to play with.  Lauren tossed a couple of Tupperware bowls over the top of the shower and Jo broke out in wild giggles.  You never know what will make them laugh. Lauren commented, if I ever need to make Jordyn happy I will throw a plastic bowl at her.

For me, the grandkids are a new opportunity to do some right in the world.  To try to teach them to be fair, to be happy, to not take life too seriously, to love animals, enjoy the outdoors and play hard.  With baby Kendyll, I get the chance again.  I know everyone talks about this whole grandchildren thing, but honest to God, I never dreamed I would love them as I do.

Jordyn and Kendyll-both asleep

1 thought on “Grandkids

  1. What a beautiful new grandbaby. All children are God’s blessings on us. Grandchildren in particular because we are much wiser than we were with our own children. Everything they say and do is so much cuter than we remember our kids being. Thru we see how the world has changed since we were kids. This is a.perpetual discussion between my 7yr old greatnephew and myself. He considers me ancient or an alein because I didn’t have color television, a computer or any of these new video game gadets to play. Wait till he grows up and sees how all his toys are no longer relivant.

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