Family Update

Short one today.  I am sick with a summer cold.  Yeah, where did I get that?  Ally is now due to deliver baby Kendyll on July 5th so timing for me being sick is not so good.  I can get a mask.  Ally will have a c-section so Jordyn has already told me that I will be mad at her but she is going in to see the baby first.  That’s fine.  They need to be their own family before they are an extended one. 

Hopefully, this timing will all flow and baby and baby momma will both do gloriously well!  Jordyn was 7 pounds 14 ounces so I expect this one to weigh in over 8 pounds.  We shall see soon.  I moved the phone to a spot next to my bed just in case they need me (which they probably won’t).

Lauren is off for the long weekend with friends and Granny is alone with the all the animals.  It is raining and I am sick (I know I mentioned that) but I am feeling a little sorry for myself.  Oh, well.

We moved the trailer to the arena.  I took Feather in last night and she thought I was nuts.  But once I got her food and set it down next to the trailer she decided to eat and worry about the trailer later.  After dinner, I left the arena gate open and all the horses were surrounding the trailer, sniffing and checking it out.  I may spend some quality time sitting by the trailer with Feather but bit by bit I hope she gets more at ease with it.

Amber took my mom shopping for some new summer clothes she had to have (she has more clothes than most people).  Mom introduced Amber as Amber Wosk, her niece.  LuAnn was there about a week ago so maybe that is where the niece thing came from.  Wosk is my step-sister’s name, Lynn Wosk.  But Amber’s last name does start with a W so it is close.  Today mom told me all the clothes needed to go back because they were too small.  Amber had watched her try them all on successfully.  We are not taking them back.

Oh, well another day on the farm.  Pray for Ally and Kendyll, please.

God Bless!

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