I can’t join the Justin Bieber Fan Club

Jordyn loves Justin Bieber. She is going to be mad at Granny.

Do you remember that my granddaughter Jordyn loves Justin Bieber?  I heard on the radio this morning coming into work that he was launching a new world tour and that he would be coming to Houston.  All I could think about was how amazingly delighted she would be if she got to go to a concert and see Justin. 

On the radio they mentioned that his fan club members would get priority access to his tickets.  I am not out of touch so much that I do not realize that getting tickets for this event will be difficult.

So, I went to the “Bieber Fever” website.  I scanned through the opportunities to join the fan club.  There were monthly, quarterly and annual commitments for sale to his fan club.  Each more expensively priced option promised better access to tickets.  For $100 a year, you would have first access to his tickets, or so they promised.  I wasn’t sure which option I was going to go with but decided to “register” to join his fan club.  First screen asked for name and date of birth.  I decided (this is where it all goes wrong) that I should use Jordyn’s name and birthday so she would get all the crazy and annoying Justin Bieber crap that would no doubt be generated from this membership in Bieberville.  So, I put in Jordyn’s name and her birthday of September 4, 2007 (and the year was an option-no where did it say you must be a certain age to join Justin in his fan club).  But as soon as I pressed enter-big warning signs came up that said I could not register!!  I immediately took out her information and tried it again with my daughter Lauren’s information (she is over 18) and once again I got the big error again.  I shut my computer down and tried again with my name and date of birth.  AGAIN, I could not join the Justin Bieber Fan Club. 

I sent an email to the “contact us” tab on the site.  I explained that I had tried to belong and could not.  I quickly got a message back and it is shown below.

Subject: Justin Bieber Re: Can’t register 

Ticket #6090: Can’t register


Your request (#6090) has been deemed solved. To reopen, reply to this email or follow the link below:
http://justinbieber.zendesk.com/tickets/6090Sean, May 23 08:44 (EDT)Pursuant to the current privacy policy, membership registration is not available to you at this time. For further inquiry, you will want to contact (646)367-5441 between 10am-6pm Mon-Fri. Please note that if someone does not answer it simply means that all representatives are assisting other customers. Please leave a brief message stating your name, and call back number. We assure you we will contact you as soon as possible.


So, I cannot join the Justin Bieber Fan club.  It concerns me a little that I may be on some “child creeper” list somewhere.  I may have made a huge mistake in trying to be a member of the Justin Bieber.  Just wait until I try to go through customs at some international port and find I have been placed on some government watch list.  Later, I tried to log-in from my home computer that has a different URL address.  Still failed.  No Justin Bieber membership for me in my future.  I guess I will be regulated to trying to find tickets for Jordyn on eBay.  My biggest concern is, given Jordyn’s undying love and devotion to Justin Bieber, what if I have somehow, inadvertently, caused her to be blacklisted from the “Biebs”.  I think Granny may have finally succeeded in doing something that makes Jordyn madder than sending her pony, Snowney away to Devs.  A loss of the Justin Bieber Fan Club could clearly ruin her young life, and I was responsible.  Oh, boy!

8 thoughts on “I can’t join the Justin Bieber Fan Club

  1. I received the same response. And since when does it cost to join a Fan Club?? It’s all about the $$$$$

  2. I was able to purchase tickets thru ticketmasters for the Aug 8th concert in Tampa. Also paid the extra $99.00 for the fan club,got an email with the registration code, but have not been able to register, same error seems every one is having same trouble. Like to find out how I can get my money back…A concerned grandparrent…John

  3. I also purchased the yearly membership on May 23, 2012 to get presale tickets for the December 30, 2012 concert in Houston, TX. I have not received any information about the memebership and I have searched the internet for a contact number to cancel because they said it was a recurring charge. I also got the error message and emailed them but as of today no response. Furious MOM!!

    • To all on this site.. Justin Bieber update, the JB fan club is sponsored by Artist Arena which is curently going thrur a law suite and I belive thats why the fan club web site is down. I purchased my tickets thru ticket master for the Aug 8th concert in Tampa and also the $99.00 membership.I recieved my tickets a few weeks ago. I was able to create a user name and a pass word and that I was over 18 years old, but still can’t register. I put in a dispute charge with my credit card to ticket master for the $99.00 charge. Strangely enough the other day I recieved a MP3 Justin Bieber Believe Button player from Artist Arena, which buy the way does not work.I am surprised that the news media has not picked up on this. A concerned Grandparent.

  4. Hi all you Bieber neglictid under 18 fans ..all I can say is the website still sucks. Wish some teckie could get it right ..Oh well I have my tickets for my granddaughter Tampa Aug 8th

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