Meet the Horses-Flagmount’s Irish Freedom

Name: Flagmount’s Irish Freedom

Aliases:  Feather, Fifi, Mare of Crazy Town

Breed: Irish Sport Horse/Thoroughbred Cross Age: 4

How Obtained:  The McMaster’s from Florida

Best Traits:  Beautiful.  Feather, as her name suggests, seems to float when she moves.  By far the most conformationally correct of any of our horses.

Worst Traits:  Feather is like beautiful girl who is not being noticed at the party.  She runs around.  She swishes her tail.  She bats her eyes. As the only girl (mare) at the farm, she really thinks one of the boys (and hopefully Mickey) will fall in love with her.  They all tolerate her like a tiresome kid sister but no one is particularly taken with her.  It makes her a little anxious.  She wants to know what Mickey is doing at all times.  She has her eye on him and wants to share hay or grass. Or just stand with him, dozing in the sunshine.

Mickey on a rare occasion of sharing with Feather.

Occasionally, Mickey goes along with her insistent need for togetherness, but mostly he is unimpressed.  If there is truly no one paying attention to her, she will go push ol’ Kid around the pasture some.  He puts up with her when no one else will.

Background: Feather is still young and may grow some.  She stands just under 16 hands.  She was bred to jump, for conformation and for a balanced temperament.  Although born in Texas, she was in Florida when we heard of her and were lucky enough to obtain her.

Her life at Six Meadow Farm:  How do you describe a dream?  Not unlike a parent dreaming of what their child will accomplish, horse owners dream of what their horses will do.  Obtaining Feather was a dream come true for Lauren and I.  Feather’s relatives are solid jumpers with much more ability to jump high than anyone in our barn.  Feather’s breeding also supports a solid, business-like temperament, that you guessed it, Mickey will never have.  When the McMaster’s offered Feather for sale it was an instant yes for us.  If Feather does what we hope she will do, she will provide Lauren with that “next step”.  She will be the horse that can jump successfully, over four feet.   She is the horse that might win some ribbons in the Hunter Derbies.

Right now, she has lots of miles to travel.  As my dad used to say, a good horse is one with a lot of wet saddle pads-they’ve done the time.  So, we will work and train and try.  This could be the horse that takes Lauren where Mickey cannot.  This one is about dreams.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Horses-Flagmount’s Irish Freedom

  1. I truly believe that horse was meant to fly. From the first day I jumped her in the round pen and she jumped over the x as high as the round pen, I knew she would jump. I can tell you that it will give me the utmost joy for her to be “Le Mieus”, the best. You guys are in my thoughts often!

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