Meet the Horses-Leo’s Blue Moon

This was shortly after we got him. He has gained weight and muscle since then.

Name: Leo’s Blue Moon

Aliases:  Leo, Lee-Lee

Breed: Thoroughbred Age: 13  How Obtained:  Private Party almost a year ago.

Best Traits:  Very sweet disposition-loves people.  Moves very well-very correct.

Worst Traits:  Leo likes to torment his stallmates when it is feeding time.  A kind of Clark Kent to bad Superman conversion comes over him and the mild, mannered horse becomes a biting, lunging, kicking fool (but only at the other horses, only at feeding time-never at people).   Oh, and there is a little problem that he just really can’t figure out how to use his body to jump.  He is athletic but like a star swimmer who can’t figure out how to dive, he cannot seem to get his body coordinated over a jump.

Background: Leo is the biggest horse at our farm, standing almost 16.3 hands high.  He weighs almost 1300 pounds now since my weight improvement project (his not mine). Leo ran two races on the track.  Apparently, that was not a great career path for him.  He is what is known as an “OTTB”-an off the track thoroughbred.  These horses were bred to run and when they are not successful, not fast enough, hurt or whatever the issue is, they are often passed from auction to auction because no one wants them.  Most OTTBs are great horses just needing a second chance.  For more on OTTBs check out-

His life at Six Meadow Farm:  We purchased Leo as a project.  His breeding (his half-brother has won classes at Pin Oak) and our initial assessment pointed toward success in the jumper ring.  Progress has been a little slow.  Hopefully, over time he will do bigger and better things.  Emily has been helping us out riding and showing him. I have another friend that does dressage and we are hoping they may be a fit.   If we found a great forever home for him we would let him move on.

Meanwhile, he may do some equitation classes with Arianna so she can get used to the “big horse” feel.  He is a sweetheart and Jordyn loves it at feeding time when she asks, “Leo, are you ready to eat?” and he responds by vigorously shaking his head with affirmation.

Leo sharing Skittles with Arianna, Abby and Caroline.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Horses-Leo’s Blue Moon

  1. I emailed you last year, looking for Leo. I am continuing my search and have posted ads on dreamhorse and requesting any information. If you could please put me into contact with the person that you sold or gave him to, I would greatly appreciate it. I desperately want to bring him home to his forever home! Any help that you could provide me in tracking his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I messaged you a while back about the whereabouts of Leo. I’m looking for him in order to bring him home to his forever home. I had to sell him when my husband joined the Marine Corps in 2009. I have been looking for him for years now. He was my special man and it broke my heart to sell him. Do you have any idea where he may have ended up? Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

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