Meet The Horses-Mr. Kid

Name: Kool Kid (Kid)

Aliases:  Mr. Kid, Texas Twister

Breed: AQHA  Age: 30  How Obtained:  Horse Rescue-almost nine years ago

Best Traits:  Best behaved horse with the best disposition that we own.

Worst Traits:  Will always want to be the fastest horse around until the day he dies.

Background: Kid has run on the Quarter Horse track. He was blazing fast. He has done team penning.  He was an amazing barrel horse especially for Sarah Petty.  Successfully winning until he was retired to me at age 20. 

His life at Six Meadow Farm:  Kid was chosen to be a pleasure horse for Ally and I.  Lauren rode him a lot in beginning before Mickey came.  He did a few English shows.  But mostly he has been my companion.  I have ridden countless miles on his back. 

 He will follow me, without a leadrope to the end of the earth (or so I chose to believe).  He has hurt me badly but not intentionally.  I was dumb enough to let other horses canter away from him. His racing background kicked in and I was a participant in the fastest quarter of mile I will ever ride.  Unfortunately when he stopped, I did not.  You know the whole object in motion will stay in  motion-thing? Well, it is true!  I fractured my pelvis in two places, ended up in ICU, wow, what a time.  But I was back in the saddle months later.  We don’t canter anymore.  We don’t run with other horses.  I can be trained.

Four-year-olds Jordyn and Abby ride Mr. Kid.  Two-year old Riley took his first solo ride on Mr. Kid with Lula, the dachshund, along to help. Part of me thinks he enjoys being chosen to be cleaned up and ridden, part of me understands that he is merely tolerating those kids as he was bred for much bigger things. I am never dumb enough to think they could ever do anything but walk him around.  Even at his age with his wisdom, he still has races left to run and he would, regardless of his rider.  Still the kids love him for his calm patience.  When it is time to trot, Jordyn will move on to Mickey.  Kid is only passing time with these little riders.  Behaving as gentleman, but only so far.

He is old for a horse.  I have steeled my heart against the inevitability of his loss.  But he has given me so much life back in the years he has spent with me that I will never regret having him or mourn (too much) losing him.  He has lived a grand life here and I will continue to spoil him until he is gone.

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