Good Weekends

Had a surprise great weekend.  I have been struggling with my health (stomach, blood pressure), my mother’s need to move to a higher level of assisted living and the on-going pressures of work and too many animals. I had agreed to work as the announcer at a horse show Sunday and was stressing out about having no weekend for me.

The first crop of hay was in and I had neglected to tell my friends that hay was available.  Friday night I realized my mistake and we made plans for them to come down and pick up the hay.  My friend, Caroline came with her daughters, Arianna and Abby.  They brought their Mustang rescue, Ellie Mae.  We ended up have a great time riding, jumping and looking at pictures of the horses.

 I seldom have friends come and cannot believe how much joy it brought for both Lauren and I to share our little world.  It is hard to leave the social environment of the boarding barn and have your horses at home.  It is great to always have them nearby but sometimes riding is more like a chore than the joy it is supposed to be.

We loaded up 30 bales of hay.  Put Ellie Mae in the last slot of the trailer

Mustang Ellie Mae says this is a long way from hunting for food on the prairie!

and watched them head for home.  I am going to make sure we start a new tradition of riding playdates.  How great!

1 thought on “Good Weekends

  1. Our weekend was also an unexpected fun one also! I went from thinking Saturday was going to be one big chore day to really enjoying our morning spending it with you and Lauren . Abby and Arianna and I had a great time visiting and riding and the hauling hay was not so bad after all the fun we had. So thank you for suggesting we bring along Ellie Mae and for making it a fun day for me and the girls!!

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