It starts here.

Someone once said you should do what you love when you are in fourth grade.  Well, I loved horses and loved to write.  I have horses and write (who doesn’t?) but I have a master’s degree in Administration and formally, I run things.  I am lucky to work at a top company.  But, it is true that my heart is with my horses and writing.  I could write the horse, dog, cat rescue story.  I could write the nothing to a champion horse story.  But mostly, I will write the story of getting by, never easily, never necessarily smartly, but making it.  The single mother, grandmother, horse, dog, cat  person who has been divorced almost as many years as I was married. My life is my family; my girls, my grandchildren, my mother, my animals.  I am blessed.  Still, I want more-guess it is natural.  I struggle.  It is hard to know what is the correct decision.  I am always afraid of what will happen next.  Disasters befall me on a regular basis. 

It is always interesting.  Come take a ride with me and my horses at my little farm.  Learn how the exec horse lover endures and occasionally triumphs.

6 thoughts on “It starts here.

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I kind of stumbled onto your site. I enjoyed your first post and will continue to read it. I hope you reap some of the intangible benefits I have received the last three plus years.
    Dave Patten

  2. Cindy,

    Yes you can write, you’re on my favorites list. I also have always thought I’d be writing a book by now, but never enough time – Great excuse. Having been in the middle east for 10 years, I find my grammar and sentence structure are deplorable. You get used to working with so many people with English as a second language, you do what you can to gain understanding.

    Enough about me, what’s going on with your mom? I’ve meant to ask, and I don’t ever remember once I’m at the computer. Is Jim still alive? How does your mom feel about an assisted living environment. I know this has to be a very tough time for you, keep the faith.


  3. Cindy, you are one woman who has overcome most of life’s trials and tribulations and manages to keep a posiitve attitude. Good luck with your writing, you’ve got me hooked. Keep me in the loop. All my love, as ever, Camille

  4. Takes me back to college…………listening to your stories. You have always had a way with words, so am glad you have found an outlet. You are definitely a survivor! Having lost both parents, I can understand what you are going thru with your mom and Jim. It isn’t easy and there is no preparation you could have had. Wish we could have spent more time together when I lived in the Houston area. Plenty of room here in STL if you ever head this way 😀

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