Poppy and Betty Sue

Long ago, back in 2004, a horse came into the equine rescue they called Mac. A 16.1 HH quarter horse that did Hunters.  I didn’t know who I was going to buy him for but I knew I had to buy him.  
One of Lauren’s friends named Desi went in half on him. We used him occasionally.  Desi won multiple, multiple championships on him.. Then when her family had to go overseas she sold her half again to another girl name Elizabeth who went on to win again multiple, multiple championships. 

He was the kind a horse most anyone to get on and put in a good ride. He was that kind a horse. I have not before nor since had a horse quite like that. And I’ve kept him on my mind all these years. Watching, waiting and hoping that another one like Mac might show up.

And while I’m sure Mac himself did not show up in the body of this little mare as he is still alive and well at Whipple Tree Farm, this little mare has a lot of his good qualities.


Jordyn getting in the first ride.

 Facebook is covered with horse sale ads. Rarely do I have the money for the good ones that I would like to have. I didn’t really have money for this one either. But this time it seemed important to try to find the money and find the horse,  the special horse that we’ve been looking for for so long.

I feel it is bad to have a riding barn where there’s never a horse the average person could ride. They’re either too old, lame, too fast, or too dumb, never just right. I wanted the just right horse. It was to be my grandkids horse -all of their’s.

Interestingly, the horse’s registered name is “Daddy’s Last Dollar”.  Might as well of been “Granny’s Last Dollar”.
After some soul-searching and checking my plan against some of my most difficult critics, Tim, Gaylyn, and Lynn, I got a nod from each one of them for their part in the getting the grandkid horse scheme.  
All that was left was beating out the four other people yesterday alone that were interested in buying the horse and getting up north of Dallas five hours away prior to any of them arriving at 8:30 in the morning with our horse trailer. Thank you, Ally and Lauren, I could not have made the trip. My back would’ve revolutef and I would be laying on the side of the road. Thank you for making the ten hour trek. 

APHA solid bred mare

This morning with the wind high and the temperature low Jordyn got the first ride of the grandkids on the new mare. She absolutely, was as advertised. Jordyn had a great ride -best on any horse ever. That alone made a pretty worthwhile.

Cantering quietly at 45 days under saddle.  

Slow motion trot.  Oh my!

That Lauren was in the ring with Betty Sue and the two of them are coming along fabulously added to help make  this mornIng into one of the top ones of my life. 

Thanks as always for riding along.  


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4 thoughts on “Poppy and Betty Sue

    • If you are the original daddy, I’m guessing you were betting everything on this little mare. I don’t think speed is her best asset although she has many. But she did come across with the wonderful temperament and we are very grateful.

      • Ha, no. Poppy is certainly not spirited. Which made her perfect for a little girl.
        She’s super smart, gentle, and actually won quite a few blue ribbons. We’ll miss her.

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