This is it folks! – Lenten writing #43

Doberman Kena says she’s just pretty tired of the whole thing. In fact she’s just pretty tired.

Well, for the most part I made it. Actually I think there were 46 days of Lent this year so I clearly missed a couple/three. But considering the ups and downs I’ve had over the last 46 days it might be best that on those particular days I didn’t post.

It has been a wonderful time for me to establish being a writer again. When I left high school, I rushed off to college, as some of you may remember, just 17, because I wanted to go to journalism school. And I did!  Just one tricky thing, I didn’t realize I’d actually have to live in New York City to to be a journalist. At least for the most part anyway. 

My heart was never in the city. That certainly has not changed. 

I did a stent in radio broadcasting short-lived while I was in college, but an on the air personality nonetheless. I even had my own show on national public radio (NPR). It was called “People, Places and Issues”.  


I love that stuff. I like the sound of my own voice. Who doesn’t. But I like to write and I’m glad I found a few of you, maybe four or five, that actually like to hear what I have to say so this will not be the end. I’ll try, no, no I will write four times a week. And keep you up to date with everything that is Cindy and Six Meadow Farm.

Wishing you a fond farewell tonight and a wonderful Easter morning tomorrow or just a beautiful day if Easter is not your holiday. May you feel the resurrection of life as spring makes its way forward on the east coast and Midwest. Summer is already well entrenched here in Texas. 
Hail the festival day!! 

And thanks for riding along for Lent and beyond. 

Dawn and a John Deere.

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