Pin Oak Pin Ups-Lenten writing #40

No horse show is complete without one last look at the horse show photos. A team of photographers has spent the entire show; running from ring to ring, catching rider after rider, and jump after jump, riders in their best clothes, in their best position, for their best hopes of winning.

And part of the Horseshow  tradition is to be inside the trailer where the horse show photos are being exhibited on a computer and picking out your favorites.  While I have personally never had the money to buy all the photos of my horse in a given show I know there are a lot of riders that do. 
Lauren and I pick out one or two maybe three at a really big show and we really gotta love the photo to get it. An individual photo may cost $40 or $50 minimally. So here are our two first pics from the Pin Oak show -this is Lauren Davis and Stanislaus otherwise known as my Lauren and her Ky.  

Thanks as always for riding along.

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