How is that doing something for Lent thing going?-Lenten writing # 34

Well, we’re really getting down to the end of the Lenten season. Palm Sunday coming up this week and then Easter Sunday. How many of you made choices about giving up or doing something for Lent and how many of you kept them?

I have done fairly well with this whole commitment to writing a post every single day of Lent. I might have missed one by a couple of hours. But I was fast to catch up early the next day -don’t know how much best effort means in the Lent situation. 

I may want to write but a busy life gets in the way. I know, that is exactly why I took on writing a post every day of Lent. To struggle a bit. To move outside my comfort zone. 

But I do admit the discipline has been good for me. My daughter and I each chose to give up 10 pounds for Lent. I’m not sure either one of us is going to make good on that one. I guess I’m better at doing things than I am at not doing things.

Just the act of writing each day has made me more aware and interested in what is going on around me. Stopping in the dark to take pictures of the jail, scary!!  Pulling over to shoot a picture of a newly green pasture while people sped by thinking I was nuts. It has all caused me to examine some things about my life and hopefully put into play some positive changes. 
It is interesting that sometimes I note a behavior in others  which I recognize as wrong, or annoying, and I am upset by it. Then I realize I do exactly the same thing.
Now, I am making notes to myself to change. Changing some life-long behaviors. It is a work in progress. 

This season has been about making some hard choices and difficult realizations. But I know come Easter morning I will be rejoicing in the songs and the resurrection promise of the day.

Post number 34, it’s a wrap.

As always, thanks for riding along. 

1 thought on “How is that doing something for Lent thing going?-Lenten writing # 34

  1. I hope you will continue with writing more often (even if not every day) after Lent. I’ve very much enjoyed the more frequent posting and pictures of your beautiful horses!

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