Saddles-Lenten writing #32

There are days when this writing thing doesn’t come easily. Yesterday was one of those days. I was stuck in my memories and stuck in another time.

I lamented how I wished I had made better decisions, done different things, just had reached a different place in my life. 
Everyone says we are not supposed to have regrets, like that is a horrible thing, but I certainly do. I have big regrets from year’s past and even some from a year ago when I wish I had done things differently or actually just wish I had not been in the situation at all that would’ve been better. But enough about me.

Regrets fall like rain upon my feet. 

Friday at Jordyn’s riding lessons instructor Nancy told her, as I had long thought, that her saddle was too small for her. The seat is a 15, which was okay  but the flap for her long legs had gotten way too short. Never an issue I had. Saturday I started off on a hunt for a new saddle for Jordyn.  We would pass down her saddle to Kendyll and hope it had many more good years. 
My best thought was Lauren would be walking through the wonderful vendors at the World Cup and could snag up some forgotten saddle too small for anyone there.   
I posted up on Facebook and was amazed at the number of quick possibilities that showed up. The  problem was Jordyn really needed to try out the saddle. It was one of those things that you had to fit -in person -to be sure it would be right. So around noon off Jordyn, Kendyll and I went to Charlotte’s, the local horse store. 

Bill, whom I have known for many years immediately helped  us look at several used saddles. I was shocked when he brought out a 16.5 that’s the size Lauren was using when she was in middle school. And the size some of you  still use as adults.

The measurement of 16.5 is the distance across the seat of the saddle so someone like me might fit a 17.5  or 18. Hard to see my nine-year-old granddaughter in a 16.5. But Bill’s not the Charlotte’s guide to go to if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And the first saddle he sat her in would be the one we would take. We tried several other models. But this one was the one that had a flap that was longer than her existing saddle (the flap being the leather part of the saddle under her leg) without being so long that her leg was in the wrong position. Of course, it was Charlottes so we ended up with some new socks, some new leathers, stirrups and a few other miscellaneous things. What would be your day to the tack store without that?

The best part was when we got home Jordyn’s mom and dad got her new leathers and stirrups on the saddle (not an easy feat for the inexperienced).  Jordyn was ready to go give Snowboy a spin. I told Jordyn during this time that I couldremember clearly  all five times that I had gotten new saddles in my life -a couple of times have even been in the last couple of years. It is a huge deal for a rider to get a new  saddle that they have wanted or they have coveted. It advances your ride to have the right tool. 

I hope Jordyn remembers this day and in a good way.  She certainly looks happy as she is really getting this canter to an art. 

I think her stirrups be a tad too long. What do you think?

Yesterday, almost one year- old Sims got a little workout and a bath. Not much sign of the grey colt he is going to be, yet. 

As always, thanks for riding a long.  

Happy trails and safe landings for everyone headed home from the World Cup tonight especially my daughter and friends. 

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