Pin Oak Again-Lenten Writing #21

Lauren and Ky fly at the Great SW Equestrian Center, Katy, Texas

I have been blogging since 2012. And a year does not go by that I  don’t talk about Pin Oak, the biggest charity horse show of the year. Benefiting Texas Children’s Hospital, it is important for the kids that are assisted by the proceeds of this show and important to the riders who bring their best horse and best game to take away prestigious Pin Oak ribbons. 

I am going in insert a section from my blog three years ago when Lauren was battling a torn muscle and ruptured disk in her back. The doctor had said NO jumping but hacking a horse was fine. Here’s what happened three years ago: 


March 23, 2014

We got a text from our friend Kathy to see if Lauren wanted to come up to the show and hack horses for her and trainer Trapp. No question about that, we changed clothes fast and headed to Katy. 

Kathy,  and Lauren on Ky, in search of a quiet ring to ride in.

Lauren called the big, imported gelding, Ky, amazing to ride. She wanted to buy him but I told her, one day maybe she might get to compete a horse like this. 

Lauren having a wonderful time on an amazing horse. 


Three years ago, Lauren gets to exercise the amazing horse Ky and this year for Pin Oak, she gets to compete him. This is the stuff of dreams. 

The German imported gelding and Lauren  will hopefully pick up where they left off in Florida jumping well and rounding quick. 

Pin Oak has been very good to Lauren in the past when she won her division on Feather.  We are hoping for some more Pin Oak ribbons to add to our display. 
God Speed Lauren and Ky!!

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