How to avoid quitting-LentenWriting #19

We have a guest blog today as I continue with my goal/pledge to blog every day of the Lenton season. Our guest, Nicola Smith, has a wonderful background both in physical education background and as a dressage rider and trainer. Here is one of my favorite quotes from her which presents a beautiful graphic. 

“I remember someone saying to me once that training a dressage horse is like training a gymnast without being able to talk to them. It takes great skill, patience and the right training and mindset. They are (such) incredibly powerful and willing animals that its incredible what we are able to achieve when the training is right and we build a solid foundation to do so and we simply can’t do this without having a healthy body and mind to do it from,” Nicola Smith. 

I have had several post about goals. You’re probably sick of hearing about my dressage lessons when you didn’t even know how to spell Dressage previously,  much less what it meant. But, there’s always a but, I recently saw this article which I came upon at perfect time for me and perhaps for you, midway through March as we are.

This is the time of year when a lot of original goals for 2017 have been forgotten about, not accomplished regularly, or just given up on. This article by UK writer Nicola Smith  -was perfect for me. Please click on the link below and enjoy some inspiration.

Thank you Nicola for allowing us a look into your riding world and access to your blog.
More about Nicola-
As always thanks for riding along. 

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