Glimpse in the Dark-Lenten Story #9

Jordyn with her horse Diva and dog Kia

Pepos Diamanté Diva

This morning when leaving the house while it was still very dark out,  I was coming around the driveway and saw the horses standing by the fence. There was something that just caught me as odd. Something that made me stop and think something is wrong.


Since I have been having back issues, my daughters all got together to determine that I would not be feeding or bringing the horses in. So I had not been out to see the horses this morning at all. But something just caught my eye as I passed the horses in the dark. I stopped and backed up and directed my headlights on the fence. 

Standing there immobile was my granddaughter Jordyn’s quarter horse, Diva. Both of her back legs were caught in the mesh fence. I reached for my phone to call Lauren and ask for her help but because it was that kind of morning my phone did not work. You forget how useless you feel without a phone. We have come to depend on them so much. I left the car still running with the headlights on the mare and headed to the house.

I screamed from the bottom of the stairs for Lauren to come help. She came down but was not moving quickly enough for me. She said she would go get the wire cutters and meet me back at the pasture fence. As I got back to the fence I realized that it was worse than I had thought.

Knowing my mare Diva like I do, I am sure she was kicking at one of her friends in the pasture with both of her back feet. But instead of hitting her intended victim she kicked backwards into the mesh fence encapsulating both feet and legs in the fence. 

Agonizingly, wire square by wire square,  we started to cut her legs out of the fence. At one point it appeared that the wire was going straight through her leg. In the meantime, the rest of the herd had stayed with her. We wanted to get them out of the pasture in case the fence fell. Diva had been resting her 900 or so pounds on the fence all night. We did not want to deal with a bunch of horses running around. 
Lauren started guiding the horses to the next pasture as I held on tight to Diva’s fly mask. She tried repeatedly to bite me. Baby Sims in his usual considerate way came over to the fence to see what was going on. I told him it wasn’t time for him to be checking up on us -to get out of the pasture and he might get fed. 
Finally we managed to get her legs loose from the fence. Thankfully during the night, as we did not know how long she had been stuck there, she had not fought to get loose. She had been wise enough to accept that she was stuck. 

As Lauren was able to walk the mare away I got in my car and headed on to work hoping and praying that the little horse would be all right.

Divas back leg after a night in the fence

Diva is doing much better tonight!

Thanks for riding along!

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