Death, Sorrow, New Life-Lenten Writing #7

Today’s blog is very special, joyful and just plain wonderful. We will hear Megan’s story. Megan had a wonderful, huge  (think like my guy Bruno only BIGGER- 18 hands and 1700 pounds) Shire sporthorse horse named Maximus that she loved and cherished.  Almost a year ago after fighting like a champ for a long time, Megan took him off to Texas A&M Vet Hospital.

On the day she left with Maximus for a hospital stay from which Maximus would never return, two miniature donkeys named Chloe and Lebert showed up at Megan’s place.  Lebert had been Megan’s Christmas present from her husband but donkey Chloe had attached herself to Megan when they went to look at Lebert.  Next thing the couple knew, both donkeys were to go home to them but not until Lebert had been weaned. Thus, their February arrival at Hutchison homestead.

While the two adorable miniature donkey faces did help cushion the horrible blow of losing Maximus, it was still a time of sorrow for Megan.  But Megan believes that God gave the donkeys to her at just that time to bring joy and comfort back in her life.  Little Chloe had been bred the week before she came to live with the Hutchison’s but it was unclear if the pregnancy actual took, until it was super clear it had!

Miniature donkeys can carry a baby over a year, so it was unknown when the baby would arrive. In exasperating form, Chloe took her time.  Then she delivered the most perfect baby to this earth almost a year to the day Maximus had left it.  Death, sorrow, new life and the best photos ever!  Thanks to Megan and the whole Hutchison family for sharing this amazing story with us!

Note-many of the comments on the photos are from Megan herself.

vdayDo you know how very exciting it is to have a baby donkey born on Valentine’s Day??!! Yeah…neither do I.



It’s donkey psychological warfare. She keeps pretending like she’s going to have a baby and then when I get excited she laughs and walks away…



Finally-it’s a girl-born on my birthday-February 28th (this is my note)


Getting born is exhausting work!


Chloe says it is so much more comfortable with Penelope on the outside!


Hello World!


Son Will caring for the baby (or vice-versa!)


The face of an angel


Mama Megan with her much waited on beautiful baby


What can I add?  Absolutely nothing.

Thanks Megan and family again for letting me use these pictures and tell this story.  Got to love the wait and the reward!

Thanks for riding along!

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