On the Eve of 60

I am on the eve of 60 years of age peering across an amazing, tranquil, turquoise sea. My three daughters surprised me with a mother/daughter cruise and today we are in Cozumel. Exotic, beautiful, and a tad dangerous. And yet today, I can see it is a little illustrative of my life. 

Sixty years ago tomorrow, my little momma gave birth to me on a snowny night in Denver. My dad stayed with her as I was born, unusual in those days. 

Since then I have lived 13 cities in eight states, visited nine countries and 41 of the 50 states. I have lived in the big city and small town-loving them both. 

I have had three of the most wonderful daughters and nine husbands (got you-not really)! I have two terrific son-in-laws and the most amazing grandchildren!!

On this night before my sixth decade begins, I am grateful for the galactic ups and downs of my life (most of the time).  I have been abunditantly blessed. I have faced some times of gut-wrenching sorrow. I have seen thousands of amazing sunsets and been lucky enough to rise the next day to an opportunity to do it all again. 

I have loved deeply. I have climbed high mountains in foreign lands and ridden miles on the back of a true horse. 

What a wonderful life I have lived. If I had to check out today I would be okay. I have done and loved all of my days. 

But I am, oh, so eager, to head into my next decade. My three daughters each have their own futures to roll out. Futures of their own lives, achieving their own goals. I have grandchildren to watch as they grow into amazing young adults. 

I want to see my many diverse friends tell their own stories and win their own races ( whatever those are).   

And I want to see my young horses mature, develop and hopefully, jump the moon. 

My sixtieth birthday will dawn in many ways, as just the start of another day.  But I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I am here to wake up to one more day of my amazing life. 

Thank you, my family and friends, for 21,900 days of wonder, heart-break, joy and mostly of love.  Sixty years-wow-go me!  Go life!

Lauren and I in my fun, decorated stateroom

Two my beautiful daughters, Ally and Amber.

The whole group!

You are only as young (and crazy) as you act!

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