Giving it away

I have given away many things that were dear to me over the years.  I have tried to do the best I could for the people and the animals that I love.  I have also been the recipient of many wonderful gifts.  Gifts, I do not deserve.  Life has been abundant with opportunities for me to both give and receive.  I have been blessed in both areas.  And although sometimes my heart tumbles when I make a promise or statement that I am giving away something that I dearly love, I have found I have been paid back in spades for my paltry offerings to others.

One of the recent gift I gave was the gift of my rescued dachshund to my friends in Bartlesville.  We had taken in Sammi after the floods left her homeless in the Heights of Houston a couple of years ago.  Here is her story if you want to read it.  It was pretty remarkable.

From the moment I picked up tiny Sammi from my friend Renee, I instantly fell in love with her. We got through the vet visit without issue and headed home so all our barn family could meet her. Sammi was always happiest when we held her. Jo Ann and Lainie were the most likely to be hauling the small pup around. 

I dearly wanted Sammi to go live with Jo Ann and her husband Tom. But Jo Ann while she loved the dog was traveling a lot and not able to take her. 

When my camper Kenna came from Oklahoma her parents instantly fell in love with Sam. They asked if they could have her and I jokingly said yes. I did want Sammi to have her own family but I was not quite ready to give her away. 

Later as Amanda and her husband Leon talked on their long drive back to Bartlesville. They called and asked if I was serious about letting them have Sammi. I said sure but actually had lots of regret.  

Sammi went home from camp with her new family. I miss her next to me at night.  I don’t miss her biting at the horses. 

But in the category of the doing the right thing, giving Sammi to this family was such the right thing to do. I have heard about how Sammi spends her evenings with Makenna and family. In the mornings Sammi’s “grandma” picks her up and they are off to see the town. 

I had told Jo Ann over and over to get Sammi a sling so she could be carried around hands free. Sammi’s grandma got her one and they go everywhere together. A dog could not be loved more. 

I am so incredibly blessed to have the benefactors in my life that make huge differences for me and my family. But I am also so happy that occasionally I have had the opportunity through Ginny or Sneaky or Theo or little Sammi to give something that brings some love and happiness to others. 

God bless the givers for their open hearts and unselfish ways. God bless the receivers for having an open and grateful heart to receive their gift. 

Thanks for riding along!!

4 thoughts on “Giving it away

  1. Oh how this made me cry but I so loved it too!!! To see all the other sweet posts of others you selfishly let go to other homes is such a wonderful gift you have and we are incredibly blessed to call you our friend and our hearts are full! ๐Ÿ’• God bless you my dear friend! You are truly one of a kind! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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