The weekend before last, I got to the barn in the early hours to feed. It was a Saturday and I was looking forward to getting all 14 horses in their stalls and fed, then getting myself back to bed (my favorite weekend activity-sleeping in!).

It wasn’t going to happen. I flipped the switch on the barn lights to find our rescue pony Snowboy, cast along the side of his stall. Normally a white pony, he was covered with a layer of dirt, sawdust and blood. Immediately I knew he was colicking. Colic in horses affects their digestive tract. If they get a belly ache they cannot throw up like you or I. The blockage, bad food or whatever must pass through the gut and out the other end. (Great information to know!)

I got Snow out of his stall to the grass where he promptly laid down again. Dr. Criner arrived quickly and before dawn.   We got enough drugs on board to get him loaded in the trailer and off to Wharton Vet Hospital. Neither doctor gave much hope that Snow would live. In fact, both only gave him a few hours. We started IV fluids, pain killers and prayed.  At age 23, Snow was not a candidate for surgery.

The day wore on as tears many times filled our eyes. We would be okay for a few minutes then the tears poured down again. We have had this pony for most of Lauren’s life and certainly all of Jordyn’s.  And young Kendyll is just starting her love affair with the round white pony. I faltered as I began explaining first his absence from the barn and then his probable death to my four year-old granddaughter. This was not on my list of how to start a weekend.  I explained to Kendyll that Snowney was sick.  In fact, very sick.  I told her that God might need a really super pony in Heaven for all the kids there.  She seemed to accept that.  We cried a little more. We waited.

Dr. Poehler checked in several times on Saturday to tell me the pony was hanging on.  They had gotten a lot of fluids in him but he was not better.  He told me to keep the phone close by Saturday night in case it was time to put him down.  I was surprised Sunday morning to awaken and find no calls from the vet.  I didn’t have to wait long.  Shortly after 9 am, the doc called to tell me he had come into the clinic to find Snow on his feet, no worse for wear, demanding his breakfast. This was a miraculous turn of events. 

Once again, this little rescue pony that has defied the odds so many times, did it again.  He pulled off a supreme come back.  Except for several serious scrapes where he thrashed around his stall, he was good.  Even his feet held up okay.  Nothing but a miracle!  I guess God decided Kendyll needed to keep this white pony for a while longer.  With much graditude, Kendyll, Jordyn, Lauren and I trailered down to get him that afternoon.

Out of the clinic he came, whineying at all of us, ready to head home.  We are so grateful!   My friend said it best when she said “maybe Snow is getting an additional chance at life for every little girl who loved him”. There have been many. 

I don’t know why he was saved I am just so happy that he was.
As always, Thank you for riding along!

Some shots over the years with Snowboy and the family.


This Jordyn on Snowboy at almost a year of age.  My friend Linda superimposed a picture of my dad riding his big quarter horse Storm, into the picture with Jordyn.  Great-grandfather and great-grandchild were born almost 90 years apart but share the same love.

Lauren at an “A” show with Snow and Jordyn (age 2) at her first horse show with Snow.


Ally pregnant with Jordyn on Snow with Luke. Love this photo.

Jordyn with toddler Kendyll grooming Snow and Kendyll hanging out with Snow.


And the pony gallops away!


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