All I Ever Wanted

****This post was written yesterday!!  Fargo’s baby has since been born!!

If you are lucky, and I feel I am, you, from time to time, you are able toassess where you are in your life.  Most of the time we just meander along without giving our life on a whole a lot of thought.

I certainly have tottered along.  No stranger to ups and downs.  Many things have changed over the years.  I had not given  a lot of quality thought around what is my life about-where am I in my goals for what I wanted from  life.

Takes me back to when I was little.  From the day I was born there were horses in my life.  Although I was born in Denver, even way back then, they had boarding barns and my dad owned a bay Quarter horse named Sugar Pop that he kept at the local stable.  My sister and I loved to go to the barn with my dad.  I loved horses from Day 1.  And dogs and cats.

It started to formulate what I wanted from life.  Summers we got to spend at the ranch, quintessentially holding everything that was dear in my life, my family, my dear friends and the animals.  The Rockies played a big part in that but in life you can’t have exactly what you wanted.

Education was a big part of the expectations for my sister and I.  There was never a question of if we would go to college or have job.  It was an assumption.

So, looking around the farm the other day it suddenly hit me that indeed, right here, landlocked in little city of Richmond was my farm, my ranch, if you will.

I started to think back to what I had wanted all those years ago.  And you know what?  I have all I could have ever wanted.

This farm with its horses, dogs loping around freely, cats sleepily hanging from the beams in barn, kids laughing and friends talking is what I would have conjured up as kid if I would have had the ability to see the future. 

I have a great job that the education my parents insisted upon helped build.  I would have never thought Texas would have been where I landed or this little parcel of land above river the place I call home, but it is.  I wish I had a partner in this life, a companion, but that is not how it worked out for me and my girls and their families are my truest blessing.


The very first day the horses arrived at the farm, beautiful Bruno and determined little Snow.

One day, maybe even today, I will cross another goal off my list, with the birth of a baby horse, right in my own backyard (or Fargo might just explode into outer space from being stretched so big).

Each of these moments, makes me realize I need to do a better job of living now.  If I have all I ever wanted then I should step up and enjoy it a little more graciously.


How special is this moment caught at the barn yesterday as Kendyll just hung out with Snowboy?

Life is now.  Life is here in grand proportions.  I just need to stop sometimes as I worry away, whittling down each problem in my head to minute dimensions.  I have been obsessed with worry lately and in the end all is well-or as well as it is supposed to be.

Stop and enjoy your life.  You might find it is all you ever wanted.



NO baby for Fargo yet—-just kidding!!

Baby Sims at 11 hands and 124 pounds was born this afternoon!

A baby for Nova to cure her ails?

And Feather is deemed A-OK by Texas A&M

Stay tuned and thanks for riding along.


2 thoughts on “All I Ever Wanted

  1. As always, a thoughtful and eminently readable post! Congratulations on your new baby; I would day that you do indeed have a terrific life. I so admire you for how physically hard you work to make it all function in such a beautifully organized way..and then sail off daily to use those brains and that education…from where I sit, you have it all going on!

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