What I did on my Christmas Vacation

I have not written in awhile I was probably asleep or busy.  Holidays do that to us. Mine started out beautifully and blessedly with a one day trip to Dallas for the premiere of the movie “Harry and Snowman”.   

Two of Lauren’s best friends from her first riding barn in Texas joined us along with one of the girl’s mothers and my granddaughter Jordyn.  It was nice to have the unhurried time in the car to visit.  The four hour (each way) trip seemed to fly by.  The girls usually in breeches and boots looked like high fashion kids.  Jordyn wore a beautiful dress and fashionable booties.  

Friends Kristin, Caitlyn, Lauren and Jordyn at the reception prior to movie.
For those of you who have never heard the story of the rescued $80 plow horse years ago by Holland immigrant, Harry deLeyer, look it up.  Read the books.  It is inspiring. I have loved the story since I was a child. Getting to Houston I learned that two of Harry’s sons lived here and both had training barns.  Many, many times Lauren has competed against them (sometimes even winning).   The movie was AMAZING! It is set to go into distribution in the spring.  

Go see it!  Jordyn has been told the Snowman story for years.  Many of the pictures and quotes in the movie she knew.  To watch her laugh aloud with glee as Harry told a fallen rider, “get back on, you are fine” and see her also cry at story as Snowman was reaching his end made sharing the movie even greater. 

Many of our riders got out to ride in the warmer than usual weather as we moved toward Christmas Day.

We made a lot of foods for our Christmas breakfast at Ally’s.  I had lots of great helpers in the kitchen. 

Christmas morning brought lots of cheer and happiness. Christmas is always better with kids. 

I got a surprise gift of terrific mascara.  I don’t know if the name is correct  but can say this is great mascara.  

We even got some much needed training time with Betty Sue. At almost 1000 pounds and 15 hands she is growing into a beautiful mare. 

Lauren was headed to Malaysia on the 27th.  Chris was headed in to visit for the holidays.  

Then I fell going out to feed the horses in the dawn under rainy skies.  Spent holiday time in the ER.  Broken ribs for me.  Cancelled trips for Lauren and Chris. 

The end. 

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