Goodbye my friends


Yorkshire Terries seem to just find me at certain times in my life.  In Florida, a friend was a breeder of Yorkies and I took her older females that were done having babies.  Jessa was my first Yorkie and had no fear standing up to my giant Irish Wolfhound that I had at time.  My Yorkies have always been small and tough.  My latest Yorkie I saw at the HEB parking lot.  I bought PuppyGirl and her brother Theo. 

PuppyGirl has had some run ins with death.  One time Feather caught PuppyGirl’s leash in her legs and sent her flying to the pasture like a soccer ball.  The last year or so, PuppyGirl has had bad seizures but we finally had gotten the meds just right and she was doing great.  Likewise, she had finally started listening and could be trusted off her leash.  She had finally put on some weight and was up to four pounds.

She had this funny little habit.  If I called her, she would wait for me, turn around then jump into my arms. I loved her so.  But she was Lauren’s dog first.  They watched a lot of crappy tv together. 

Friday night, day five of awful rain storms, Kena the Doberman got into a barking altercation with the neighbors two labs.  PuppyGirl, never one to back down, slipped through our fence and was killed instantly by the big male lab.  Our neighbor had promised us when we moved in that his dogs would never hurt my cats or dogs.  Well, the score is Peter’s dogs have killed two of my cats and now my Yorkie.

As the rain began to pour again, Lauren, Ally, Kendyll, Jordyn and I dug a grave in the slippery mud and laid PuppyGirl to rest with Bruno.

I will never forget her brave heart and strong spirit.


Although pre-arranged before the whole PuppyGirl incident, it was twice as hard to say goodbye to our corgi, Sneaky, as she went off today to live with friends. It will be a great home for her and she will get so much more attention.  Timing was bad though, as she rode off with them tonight.  

I am sad to have lost these dear friends of mine. I would appreciate a little break in the death cycle, if possible. 

Thank you for riding with us.  It makes us stronger.

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