Feeling Happy

The weather is grey, cold and miserable.  We just got a sizable amount of rain and everything seems wet, from the horses themselves to their blankets to the barn, although no one was out in rain.  It is just a heavy dampness that pervades the air.

It will be cold tonight (for us southerner’s anyway) and one pony just was body-clipped for the upcoming shows.  He was telling us last night that it is a little chilly to be naked.

Anyway, I have a cough and sore throat.  All and all, I should be feeling a bit down and dismal but I am not.  I want Jordyn to spend the night so we can go out on a trail ride tomorrow even if the ring is too wet to ride in.  I want to go pull some manes, clip some horses and prepare for spring.  After some reflection I realized I was just happy.

Wow, what a great notion.  I am almost two months post-op from my hip replacement.  Having been down this rehab road before, I know I am way further down the road to recovery than I was at the same time last replacement. I am walking up and down stairs on my own, logging in over 7000 steps a day on my Fitbit and am ready to get back on a horse.

To what do I attribute this somewhat usual state (for me at least-I tend to be a little more like Eeyore than happy Winnie-the-Pooh)?  I think it is just surviving this difficult last year, being very content with my place in life and thoroughly enjoying my work.  We had people out to look out our place.  They own their own sizable herd of warmbloods and have recently moved to Houston.  Looking around the place I realized, although as one visitor told us this week, “it is not as nice as I thought it would be”, it is all I ever wanted.  Like in my whole life, this little place in Richmond, Texas (a state I never dreamed I would live in) has my home, my family (and frequent visits from my out-of-town family)my horses, my dogs, my cats and dearest friends.  How lucky am I?

My life has really been a series of some difficult battles.  I was afraid to hope that life would ever be like this-and this year, particulary has not been easy, but I am cheered on and gladdened by the realization-that right now-this moment-this time is good.

Thank you for being part of my story.  Thank you for riding along.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Happy

  1. So glad to hear that you’re in a “happy” place. You totally deserve it and are lucky to have your own “slice of heaven”. Enjoy and get well soon. Vicki ~

  2. I agree with Vicki W. It’s GOOD to find a happy place and while sometimes it takes some “lookin'” to get to it, once we’re there it’s wonderful. Take a moment (or several of them :o) to enjoy it and then “take another 7,000 steps.” Happy to hear you’re doing so well. Can’t wait to read about your trail ride. Take care of that cold and cough, too. Bundle up!

  3. Great to hear your positive ness coming through! I actually laughed out loud when I read about “spring.” We gave 18 inches of snow expected for Tuesday, blizzard warnings, on top of the eight inches we got yesterday! Keep enjoying life, dear friend, as I will too!

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