On the wings of Angels

I know the three of you were watching from heaven yesterday

as Lauren and Feather made their way through the in-gate for finals

I could feel the wind stir, I could see the drapes rattle

a little dust even blew up under Feather’s feet as she approached

the first jump

Lauren and Feather had your wings and your hands were upon them

‘Lil Betty stroking Feather’s neck so she would stay focused and calm

Helping Lauren hold the reins in a hand that no longer functions

Heels deep, back straight, reins even

Heels deep, back straight, reins even

I can see you daddy, being sure Lauren’s heel was deep in the stirrup as she approached the jump

And momma, your hands were upon her tired shoulders to keep her upright and strong

All three of you supported my little broken girl as each jump came up and they rode away clean

What team she had with you all on board!

Thank you for watching over my girls in the ring today.

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