Ups, downs and all arounds

Special Occasion GES (Betty Sue) was site champion at her inspection this week!

Special Occasion GES (Betty Sue) was site champion at her inspection this week!

I purchased Betty Sue, a warmblood pinto, from a breeder in Colorado based solely on her Facebook picture (and recommendations from friends about the integrity of the breeder). Things I do like this, spontaneously, with poor impulse control, tend to not always work out for me. I still don’t have the almost six month old filly home, but she rocked the RPSI inspections in front of German judges this week to earn the award of Top Filly for the Site. Something I liked about the way she moved and her conformation clearly was appreciated by the judges as well. Awesome! I am still waiting for some pictures of her trotting or cantering at the inspection.

I am thrilled with this honor and owe a big thank you to breeder, Stephanie Wendorf from Golden Edge Sporthorses, who had the foresight to breed Special Edition GES (their junior home raised GOV stallion by Sempatico x Art Deco) to Silhouette GES (one of their home raised beauties by Sagar x Blonder Hans x Rainbow). Betty Sue should be headed to Texas in a couple of weeks. We already have some horse shows planned for her.

Last night I got home and did not get my usual reception in the garage by the dogs. Their garage pen is connected to the fenced back yard and usually the dogs come barking and scrambling to see me. Only Kona, the poodle, was looking at me expectantly from the pen. As I walked around to the yard, I saw Kena (our Doberman) laying on top of Sneaky. Sneaky was bleeding profusely.

Our neighbor’s dog, recently given to us as he fought with and was beat up by the neighbor’s other dog all the time, was standing off to the side. Lauren and I rushed the Corgi off to the vet. After examination, Sneaky showed multiple serious lacerations, one that exposed the trachea, tore the muscles and provide an open look at the anatomy of a dog’s neck. She had deep puncture wounds and was in shock. The vet told us Sneaky had hair and blood in her mouth so she had put up a fight. We left her to go into surgery for repairs.

Sneaky with hundreds of stitches and four drains after being attacked.

Sneaky with hundreds of stitches and four drains after being attacked.

Once at home, I examined the short coated Doberman thoroughly. There were no signs of any bites on her. The neighbor’s dog is an intact male with long hair. And I cannot catch him. I did not see bites on him but they would be covered by his coat. I think Kena probably ganged up on Sneaky as well as the new dog but when things got serious, she laid down on Sneaky to protect her. I could be wrong, but my animals have been living a peaceful coexistence for over seven years (at least Sneaky, Lula and Kena) and I don’t see it would have suddenly changed. I am terrified that this new dog who also chases the horses and goes after my cats with deadly intent will hurt someone again.

I have made the decision that this dog will go off immediately to my friend in the country where there is a lot of room to roam and no other dogs or cats to bother. I know I may have trouble with Kena now but will have to work out how to handle that.

Sneaky came home last night after surgery with many stitches and drains. She is not having a good day today but hopefully will be on the upswing tomorrow.

Lauren with Alex and Isabel getting ready to jump her first course in over two months.

Lauren with Alex and Isabel getting ready to jump her first course in over two months.

Lauren and I both saw orthopedic surgeons on Monday. Lauren’s surgeon was not happy with her lack of mobility and feeling in her two fingers (the pinkie and ring fingers). Although she continues in occupational therapy she is not making headway to get the nerve damage caused in her fall to reverse itself. The doctor told her she had a two in ten chance of regaining the nerves and use of those fingers. He gave her six more weeks and if no improvement, then it will be off to the neurosurgeon who will implant a transmitter device to mechanically activate the finger and the hands. Sounds pretty dreadful but at least there is a solution.

I am getting my solution as well. I was born with hip defects and lived all my life with restrictions and hip pain. I had my left hip replaced in 2004. I will have my right hip replaced the first week of December. My right leg is almost an inch and a half shorter than the left and the doctor will try to make them equal. It will be a tough road back but I have done it before and I will do it again.

Up, down and all around-we applaud the good, battle the bad and embrace the inevitable for better. It is the best we can do. Please keep us in your prayers and thanks for riding along!


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