A new horse-New love

Jordyn and Kona getting to know Kalani.

Jordyn and Kona getting to know Kalani.

At 16 hands, she Cary's those big-bone Hancock genes.

At 16 hands, she carries those big-bone Hancock genes.

A week ago, we were battling Bruno’s last hours.  I was distracted about everything else and if you would have told me a new horse would be taking up space in my barn, I would have thought it was some new boarder certainly not a horse I was interested in.

But life moves in crazy ways, breaking our hearts and just as cleanly slicing it open so love can flow again.  I have been watching, seeking, wanting a horse for Ally and I to ride.  A nice pleasure horse, quiet, dependable and kind.  But I have been looking a long time and not found anything close to right.

Tuesday, the day after Bruno died, Lauren started reading me Facebook ads for horses.  One caught my attention as it was the right price, nearby, pretty, and looked quiet in the video.  Talking to the owner, I realized I had known her for some time from working horse shows and watching her ride.

For someone deep in grief over my momma and my big horse, something about this pretty mare with amazing tail spoke loudly to me.  We brought Libby along to try the mare out.  By the time the owner had finished putting the eight year old through her basic paces I was sold.  Libby rode her fine, but the decision was already made.

Felt so great to get my tack out and ride my horse!

Felt so great to get my tack out and ride my horse!

Two days later, the Zippo Pine Bar/Hancock bred Quarter horse is in my barn.  She is a blue roan, named Zip a Blue Valentine, whom I have named  Kalani, which means sent from heaven in Hawaiian.  Jordyn kept asking me if the mare was taking Bruno’s place.  No one can ever take Bruno’s place.  This is a totally new and different beginning with a completely different partner.  Loving Kalani does not diminish in any way my love for Big Bruno.

First trot!

First trot!

So, this horse is not a rescue, not an OTTB or OTQH, simply a backyard horse, looking for her next family.  Perhaps this time I was the one that needed to be rescued from dark days and a broken heart. Kalani has come to bring joy back in my life.  I am so happy and grateful.

Oh the joys of owning a wonderful horse!

Oh the joys of owning a wonderful horse!


Thank you for the literally thousands of well wishes and extensions of sympathy you have sent my family and I.  Thank you for always riding along.

p.s.  Jordyn was my great partner today and the talented photographer of all these pictures.

5 thoughts on “A new horse-New love

  1. My daughter and I experienced a loss of our pony, Twiggy, last November to founder. Felix entered our life in January. What a quiet and gentle heal he has had on our hearts and open wounds. I hope you experience the same.

  2. So happy for you!!! I agree completely; sometimes you need new love to rush in and fill a broken and bereft heart. I am so glad that you were open to that and have a new horse to love 🙂 You definitely deserve some GOOD news…

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