A Bright Spot

My first  time to see and touch my new filly.  A big smile in the midst of some dark days.

My first time to see and touch my new filly. A big smile in the midst of some dark days.

It has been a rough couple of weeks, starting off with Lauren’s horrific broken arm, then days of death watch with my mom, to putting her in the ground next to my father and sister today.

By far the high point in our trip to Denver, in addition to being able to hug and share stories with those I love, was the chance to see my already purchased, but never seen filly, Betty Sue.

I had hoped to get out to Denver this summer to meet the now four-month old Warmblood filly but with my mom so sick, I didn’t dare travel.  But with coming to Denver for her burial there was no reason not to sneak a trip in to meet and finally run my hands along the golden, painted coat of my newest horse.  She will not come to Texas until late October after she is weaned and RPSI inspected.

A quick request to Stephanie landed Lauren, my oldest friend on earth, Camille and two of my grandchildren, Riley and Jordyn, at RoanOake Farm in Longmont, Colorado.

I am not sure who was more excited out of all of us but can assure you that nothing about the filly disappointed me and her sweet disposition gave me back some faith in a world that had gone a little dark for me.

Lauren  who has felt nothing but pain physically and emotionally at the death of her grandma, brightened up extensively as well.  The grand kids easily walked about with baby Betty Sue and Riley even got to pet her large stallion grandpa.

Probably the best news was that Betty Sue’s maternal grand sire was quite a jumper back in Germany.  We hope she carries a lot of those genes!


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